Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're Hoooooome!

Thank you all so much for praying for Shepherd over the past few days.
We are now happily at home.
And so grateful for it.
They ran blood work on Shep and did an MRI and both showed up looking totally fine.The MRI did shoe built op fluid and what looked like infection deep,beyond the ear.
On top of that, by the second day in the hospital, after receiving antibiotics through IV, he was quickly regaining his balance.
With all of this being said, everyone, including us, feels confident that this had something to do with his ear infection or possibly a post viral symptom or perhaps both.
Either way, considering he has no history of anything neurologically or in his ears, everyone considers this a freak incident.
And we all feel great about sending him home.
It was crazy, though,folks.
Aint no lie.
When that little munchkin woke up on Thursday morning and we stood him up, he literally just tipped over.
Even in the ER, he couldn't sit up straight on his own,unsupported, much less ask him to turn his head and he'd go falling over.
SO unnerving.
But he is feeling SO much better and has almost all of his balance back.
Only we would notice that he's a little "out of alignment" when he goes careening down the hall.
THANK YOU for supporting us with your prayers.
There were many moments that I needed,WE needed, great faith that we don't have and it was provided.
In large,because of you, so thank you.
Thank you.

Now I am going to go back to snuggling with 3 little boys under a blanket and reading books,while Fall breezes whistle in through the windows.
Thank You, Lord, for your kindness and mercy.
Thank you, to his people for showing this to us.

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