Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just found out that today is....

A picture from our engagement shoot,
taken by the talented Melissa Pearce with Tesoro Photography(then she was just Mel, my first friend in NC)
7 years later.
In the most recent family photos the talented Heba Salama took. She's family:)

If Noah and I are anything, we are people with attention to detail.
You got that right.

Which is why this morning's happenings were completely surprising to those who know us!
If you want a good laugh and a new standard by which to judge the success of your marriage,
listen to this one...

As you know, we have had an eventful weekend, what with our youngest being in the hospital with his own episode of "Medical mysteries" and all.
I just feel the need to preface that for anyone who wants to comment on what terrible people we are,after hearing this story.
I just dare ya...
Soooo, after our weekend, we spent yesterday settling in back home and cleaning the curdled milk cups off the counter, taking the trash out, doing the stinky dishes.
We had literally run out of the house Thursday morning in a mad dash to the ER, so we had quite a little mess awaiting our arrival.
And so we sauntered in to church this morning, quite proud of ourselves for,well,
And arrive we did, 3 handsome princes in tow.
After the first service and on our way to drop kids off in their classes, a sweet friend from our small group came up to me.
She's sweet like honey sweet.
She gave me those sympathetic eyes and asked how we were doing,considering everything.
"Goooood." I replied, hugging her neck.
Such a precious friend, she is.
Then she looked at me with those compassionate eyes and those sweet as honey words and said,
"And Happy Anniversary!!!"
"No, "I scoffed. "It's not my anniversary."
"October 2nd?" she asked. Questioning doe eyes locked on mine.
It took about 5 seconds for me to put the pieces together.
She says my anniversary is on October 2nd.
She is right.
Today can't be Oct. 2nd.
Oh, wait, yes it is.

Today is my anniversary.

I did what any normal person would do.
I doubled over laughing hysterically. Then yelled across the courtyard to my husband, in front of everyone,
Then got the same look from him that I had given our friend/personal calendar.
"No, wait, oh. Woops."
We laughed.
And friends said things like, "Are you serious?!"
"I'd be concerned if it wasn't you guys."
Cause really.
I can at least speak for myself that I am definitely a "big picture" kind of gal and not a "detail"
All my attention to detail went into what I was going to wear this morning.
Can that be an excuse?

Big picture?
I can do.
Truth is I LOVE THIS MAN and would marry him for another seven years were I to get the chance.
And one of the things I love about him is that we could look at each other, laugh, and just "get" how this happened.
We get to share this crazy life.
And that is what it comes down to. The past seven years have been full of surprises.
Some good and some bad.
But all of them, we've faced together and there isn't a person in the world I want to share this journey with, besides my Noah.
I really think I could have gone with or without getting married.
Take it or leave it.
I was only willing to get married if the person I married was going to make me better.
And he has.
Recently, as we banged down the mountains of Northern Haiti, being assaulted with dust, and trying to keep from getting a concussion on the camper shell our heads kept hitting...
we just kept looking at each other and saying,
"We sure married the right person.
Who does this?!"

If I am crazy, I am so glad this man is willing to be crazy with me.
Cause I am crazy in love with him.

Better late than never.

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The Lytle Family said...

Totally there with ya! Matt has to remember our anniversary and how old I am for me! Happy anniversary! Hope it's a fabulous one!