Friday, September 30, 2011


Hey there everyone.
Just a quick update before I slam my head to the pillow for the night,
or at least until a monitor beeping or Dr. checking or baby crying wakes me up...
As my sister said before, Shep has been complaining of a headache here and there the past couple of days but nothing that slowed him down.
Then yesterday, it was his ears hurting,too, and his tummy, but no fever or other symptoms.
This morning when we got him out of bed and set him down, he just tipped right over.
He has no ability to balance, wether standing or sitting.
We took him to the ER right away, where they looked at his ears and checked his blood count.
He does have an ear infection and his blood work looks good.
It's possible that this has to do with his ear infection but no one we have spoken with has ever seen an ear infection cause a lack of balance in a child this young.
They've also pretty much ruled out meningitis, because of how "well" he seems other than the balance issue.
There is the possibility of it being something with a big medical name that I will not try to pronounce, which just means that kids get their balance messed up after a virus.
We're hoping it's something like this.
We spent the WHOLE day (7am-7pm) in the ER, and finally a bed opened up at our favorite tarheel hospital.
We got here around 9pm by ambulance transport and Shep has fallen asleep exhausted.
Even with everything,he is all smiles.
That kid just kills me.
We'll stay the night here tonight and they will do an MRI tomorrow to rule out any neurological concerns.
I'll keep you updated.
Please pray for wisdom for the doctors from the giver of life and the great physician.
We've gotten a lot of "hmmms" and "uhhuhh" without much of the rattling off the list of minor things it probably is....
this is discomforting.
And then there's the whole being admitted to the hospital,
the very hospital that seems to like to hold on to us and not let us go.
So tired.
Praying for a good outcome tomorrow and heading home to our babies with our baby.
Praying for God's peace.

Will you pray with us?

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