Monday, October 3, 2011

Here I am again...

Here I am again,
asking for your prayers.
Let's just get used to it, shall we?

After all, that's what I am.
A woman in great need.
That's what we are.
A people in great need...
of a Saviour.
That is why I know Him.

Just heard from my sis-in-law, who is currently in Ha*ti at the orphanage where our daughter is.
Our daughter has had a recurring scalp infection since we have known her.
When she first arrived at the orphanage, she was so ill that those who were there thought they were watching her die.
An American friend of mine held her in her arms and said she feared that she would die right there.
She was hospitalized and recovered, but has consistently struggled with this scalp infection.
I wonder if she was septic from an infection at the time.
We have tried to treat it numerous times and it continues to come back.
While she resides in Ha*ti, I fear that she will never be able to be rid of the infection.
My sister-in-law called this morning to say that it is the worst she has ever seen it and no one can do her hair or touch her scalp.
She has large lumps on her head and pestules covering her scalp.

My resources to help her are limited.
But God's are not.
I can't help but think, "Just get her home."
"As soon as she's home, we'll make her well, finally, really well."
As if my care is the absolute definitive,loving care for her.
But God cares for her there, in Ha*ti, along with the other orphans.
Father to the fatherless.

I'm studying through the book of Acts right now.
And I can't ignore the power of God as displayed through his people, and through their prayers and acts.
Is the only solution a practical one?
Will you pray with me that God will simply heal her little head?
Just that?
He is there with her,though I am not.
And His power and resources are endless.

Oh, God, help me to trust you with timing.
On days like this,
I just want them home.


Arica said...

I will be in prayer for ya'll and your precious daughter...

Rambling Heather said...

Praying for your little girl!