Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey guys!
Wanted to update you on the situation with our girl.
We couldn't afford to send her over the border for care and so we just prayed for healing and sent her to the local clinic(though this is often unsuccessful)
My sis in law took her and reported back that there was a new doctor there who impressed her greatly.
He spent 45 minutes with them and got Our girl's full medical history.
He was shocked at how far it had gotten and was convinced that treating it as we have in the past would not be successful.
He feels confident that she suffers from both bacterial and parastic infections and is choosing to treat both aggressively(as aggressive as one can in Ha*ti)
She will be on oral antibiotic,oral antiparasitic, antibiotic shots,antibacterial topical cream and antifungal shampoo and soap.
That ought to at least hold it at bay,right?!
God willing.
Thank You for praying for healing for our princess.
It seems that God chose to provide this through a new doctor at the clinic and for this we are so grateful
And for your prayers, we are SO grateful.
How can one family be indebted to so many peoples love,support, and prayers?
I am always amazed.
Thank You,Thank you, Thank you.

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