Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am writing to ask anyone who happens to check this blog...PLEASE PRAY!!! I have mentioned before how difficult child birth can be in Haiti and that our dear friends are facing the birth of their third child. We have been trying to get in touch for days with Willio unsuccessfully. Come to find out they were taken by ambulance to Ft. Liberte, the nearest big city, yesterday. It appears Chrisman has been having labor pains for almost a week now and they finally called an ambulance because the nurse who came to their home said there was nothing more she could do. She is currently sedated and in the hospital but there has been no ultrasound or monitoring of the baby and can be no c-section because they refuse to do any of these things without the money it costs to do them. And that is something Willio's family does not have. We are heavy hearted, broken hearted and feeling too far away to do anything. But we know someone who isn't bound by time, money or circumstances and we ask you all to pray that His goodness, His might and his nearness to his people will be evident even now to those who are suffering. Please pray for the safety of their son and for Chrisman's health. We are praying the baby is born tonight. But so far, she is not dilating. Please pray for a miracle with us as our dear brother's and sisters struggle. May their Father's nearness and kindness be unforgettable.

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