Friday, November 12, 2010

Wanted to keep you all up to date.
Talked to Willio this morning and praise God, they are sending Chrisman home. She has not had the baby but they were able to do an ultrasound to make sure baby is ok. They think she was having false labor and should just relax.
We can pray that things go smoothly from here. My guess is that dehydration played into this whole thing. In general, they do not drink enough water, but the cholera outbreak has worsened the situation and the high maintenance process of boiling the water and such may be keeping her from drinking as much as she ought to.
Mat God get all of the glory for the life and birth of this precious little boy and protect his parents along the way.
Thank you SO much for your concern.
Also, Noah and his brothers, along with a pastor from our church will be headed to Haiti on Sunday. You can be praying for their safety heading there and specifically during the border crossing. Things are tense right now in both Haiti and the DR and they will be crossing on a market day which is mildly put...CRA-ZAY!
Thank you guys so much for loving Haiti with us. You're the best.

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