Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We took the boys to the park for the second part of the day, which was sweet of course. I just look forward to having all my boys at the park.

A couple people mentioned how big Shep looks in pictures, so I thought I'd give you some perspective with his new Sheep stuffed animal.

First things first. Shepherd Jeremiah Joyner is currently breathing on his own!!! He was taken off the vent as a "trial run" yesterday around noon and he did so well that they just kept him off. He is such a champ!!  I was so hoping he would do well. The Lord knows I needed some encouragement. This means I can hold him now,too! When they talked about his trials off the vent in rounds yesterday morning, the doctor informed the nurse that because of his floppy airway, it was likely he would struggle right away, and if he did, to just put him right back on. It has been 24 hours and he hasn't struggled in the slightest. He's still keeping his oxygen at 100% and completely comfortable. It still amazes me, cause we've not seen him breathing well on his own since surgery. Thank You, Lord for accomplishing this monumental task for my son. You carried him safely up until his trach surgery, you brought him through surgery safely, through recovery safely, got him through the procedure to drain around his lungs safely, and now have given him the ability to breath without the vent. He was and is dependent on you the whole way through. Thank you, Lord.

His blood cultures from yesterday haven't grown any yeast yet. It is day #2 and it has to be negative for 5 days to truly be considered negative. But we'll praise God for day 1 accomplished. His last culture grew within 12 hours. So, yay! And yesterday afternoon, Dr. W came in and talked with me for a while (She's our favorite resident pediatrician). She commented that most kids with the kind of infection Shepherd has look a lot sicker than Shep does. She said that if it weren't for the cultures, they would have no idea he was so sick. My prayer is that God will use the yeast long enough to keep Shepherd out of the OR and let his chylothorax heal, but not enough to hurt him.

Speaking of chylothorax (remember, the whole chest tube drainage thing) I know, it's hard, keep up. His chylo output was less yesterday than the day before. But the fact that it is still putting out a lot mixed with the fact he started throwing up a little yesterday, cause the heart folks to decide that stopping his feeds was a good idea. They are going to try mixing the TPN/lipids (an iv fluid that gives him nutrients and fats) with the mystery drug (a drug that they are giving him that has shown to help sometimes with the treatment of chylo thorax, but no one knows a lot about it, beyond that) sounds scary. For some reason it's not. They will take this treatment day by day and see if it helps. So far, his drainage is decreasing. I hate to see his feeds stopped again cause he needs that nutrition so much, but I trust that God is leading this. 

Overall , were looking good. Oh, I long for the day when I can see my boy healthy again. Thank you guys so much for praying. I am so grateful that God is involving so many people in Shepherd's story, that so many can experience and be part of what God is doing. While at church on Sunday, a friend came up to me and told me that in the kindergarten class, when they asked for prayer requests, 1/2 of them raised their hands, ALL asking for prayer for Shepherd. 5 year olds! Another friend commented that her 5 year old was teaching his sister to pray by praying for Shepherd. I could tell you so many other stories of children in specific praying for Shep. But overall, I am just so encouraged and grateful that people are praying more and experiencing God's nearness because of praying for my son. And I am confident that God will be glorified and draw near to those who draw near to him. 


Check out this video that a friend sent to me. Very encouraging. 


Also exciting news. We ordered bracelets for friends, family, and anyone who prays to wear and get folks praying (as if we don't already have tons of people praying, but we'll take more!)

I'll post pictures of them tonight. They're super cool, OF COURSE. I'll also let you know how to get one, it'll be easy.


This was the Elizabeth Elliot devotional I read today. Isn't it appropriate? Encouraging? I know!

It is the enemy who tempts us, as he tempted Jesus, to demand always some visible proof of the miracle-working power of God: "Tell these stones to become bread" (Mt 4:3 NEB). A miracle would validate our own claim to be in close touch with the Father. But the important thing in life is not to be vindicated, nor to see miracles, but to walk by faith--that is, to take God at his word. So shall we live.

So shall we follow Christ, content to do without the startling, the dramatic evidences that God is God, believing instead--in the face of all the enemy's taunts--the spoken Word of Him who calls Himself the I AM. Even in the wilderness, even in our isolation and hunger, we need not ask for more than the Bread of Heaven.

Give us this day, Lord, 
Not the miracles our human hearts long for, 
Not the proud but brief satisfaction of saying to doubters, 
"I told you so!" 
But give us daily bread--only that which You see will truly nourish us in our pilgrimage towards home.


Anonymous said...

We rejoice with you that your sweet baby boy is breathing on his own!
The Vahalas

Anonymous said...

Every bit of good news is encouraging to us prayer warriors. We aren't deterred by the bad news...just spurred on to more prayer and more worship of the God who hears those prayers. However, it sure is good to hear that you got to hold the cutie pie. What a joy. Makes me appeciate every breath. Love, Gail

Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing with you for all of these little victories...and asking for still more. It is so encouraging to see God at work in this situation. I love you and miss you!

Sarah said...

PRAISE JESUS!! I'm SO happy to hear this news!!
I'm so glad that God is faithful and that He loves us SO much.
You and your beautiful family are loved.

Anonymous said...