Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy One month Bday!!!

It's Shepherd's one month Birthday!!!!! 

Happy Bday, my boy. It's been a good one month birthday for you. God has blessed you on this day with many encouraging things. I am so proud of you. God has used your little tiny life, your feeble 4 weeks, to accomplish so much for His glory. I am so honored to be your mommy, so blessed to be involved in your beautiful life. Thank you for showing me so much about who God is without ever having left a hospital room. There is nothing about who you are, nothing about how you were created that is a disappointment to me. I am sorry that you have to suffer, and to be honest I am sorry that I have to suffer. But these are things that this life holds. You have just known that so young. But no matter what I fear, I will not ever say that your creator was anything less than perfect in His design of you. You are beautiful. Your life is beautiful....all 4 weeks.

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of this monumental moment.  No, your eyes do not betray you. You are really looking at a nurse taking the vent OUT OF SHEPHERDS ROOM, hopefully never to return. Let me remind, they don't take these things out lightly. And this means I don't have to look at the screen that says "STANDBY" anymore. I always hated that screen, so daunting. "Standby to see if your child can breathe on their own. If not, you'll be needing me." Goodbye vent, by the grace of God may I never see you again. I will not be standing by. 

I got to have lunch with my sissy, which was an absolute treat. And when I returned, that sweet lady was taking the vent out of the room. I can't tell you how exciting it was. THEN I got to dress Shepherd in one of his own shirts. Oh, the little things mean so much. After that I got to hold my little one, while he wore his own shirt, without the vent, while he sucked on a pacifier.Mmmmmm. Just soaking it in. I am so proud of him for sucking on a pacifier so well.        

Hopefully this will mean he won't struggle too much when it comes time to learn how to eat. 
So far, no yeast has grown back on the last culture. 1 1/2 days down 3 1/2 to go. And the folks came by and did the ECKO and though the report is not technically in (and, yes, I was there while they did it) the tech said it looked great.
They stopped his feeds all day and he has been putting out less from his chest tube.

And his bracelets are here!! They are going to be in Noah's mailbox at the office at Northwake by Thursday. If you want to leave a dollar for one, leave it in the envelope that will be in the mailbox. If you don't have a buck, still grab one. We consider a dollar a very small price to pay to get folks to pray for Shep.

Well, I'm off to bed and a Durham Bulls baseball game with 2/3 of my boys in the morning. Pray I will enjoy without feeling as though I am neglecting my newborn. Who knew I'd have to choose between the two? But I have to trust that however this effects each member of the family is exactly what God chose for them right now. And He is big enough to handle all 5 of these sinners with the last name Joyner. And if your last name is Joyner, you know what that number really is;)


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for Shepherd's progress and no more breathing machine!! Will keep praying for more and more progress and healing. You are such a great mom, Steph! I pray the Lord continues to sustain and encourage you and noah. happy 1 mo. birthday to Shepherd! :)

Anonymous said...

yay Shepherd! What a month it has been...but he is so precious and I am so happy for those wonderful moments when you get to hold him and enjoy the normal baby things that he gets to do. I hope there are bracelets left next time I get to WF to go by the church office!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful post! I LOVE the pic of the vent machine LEAVING!! What an encouragement!!

Prayed for Shepherd as soon as I woke up...I love him and I look forward to more baby steps forward.

I love you,
Carolina :)

Stephanie said...

oh man, steph, Praise the LORD God Almighy! What a FABULOUS report to read this morning! thank you for sharing...praying daily, girl.
*it was so good to even make eye contact with you at the commissioning service on Sunday at church!

Betharoo said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! That's fantastic news to have the vent machine leave the room! I am glad to hear how encouraged you were after all this! We'll keep praying!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that every day I come in and read this 1st thing when I enter the office. This is Kathy from Universal Realty and please know my prayers are with your sweet baby Shepherd, with you, with your wonderful mom.. Beth... and with your entire family.

Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie. I have been following the progress of your little one for the past few weeks. I posted once before and let you know my son had a trach when he was 2 months, and now at almost 4, he still has it. It truly is a monumental day when they take the vent off and put him on a trach collar. Also, I have enjoyed reading each way your praise God for who your little boy is and for placing him in your life. I know what a struggle it is just to have the energy to get up some mornings, but this post said everything I have felt for the past 4 years. I know God has a perfect plan for Shepherd and you and your husband will be even more blessed for going through these trying times. I look forward to hearing more good news.

May God bless you even more than he already has.

Joanna Hitt

Julie Miles said...

Happy 1 month Birthday Shepherd! What a journey this month has been for you and your family. Praising God that you're off the vent and slowly getting stronger and healthier each day. Praying for no more yeast and continued healing from the chylothorax. I know you enjoyed getting to be held by mom once again!

Heart Hugs,

Julie Miles
heart mom to Ethan (HLHS)
(and big sis to Jessica (& hubby Brandon) Coombs from your church)

carol taber said...


God is amazing! I cried at the picture of the vent being removed.We will keep praying.

With hope and in awe, Carol

KR said...

Celebrating with you!!! Prayers continuing.

Victoria said...

SO exciting! Great Post! Can wait to hear how God continues to bless all five of the Joyner's. Love you!