Sunday, January 11, 2009

My other little Prince

Well, as usual, it has been quite some time since my last post. You see that's where that whole 'Blogging without obligation' tag on the right hand side comes in. I am committed to not feeling guilty for not blogging more often. As soon as it becomes something on my to do list, instead of something insipred, it'll take the worship right out of it. Not to mention being honest about my priorities in life. But I do admit it's abattle. I see women with 12 kids who can blog more frequently than me, but again... NO COMPARING! If Jesus is pleased with the use of my time, than I can go to bed at night in peace, knowing I have accomplished His will, even if that means sporadic blog entries. Sorry though, guys.
Anyhow, I wanted to continue with my "series" on things I love about my children, which leads me to Haddon Abraham Joyner.
Haddon is named after Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a 19th century preacher and writer. He is know as the "Prince of preachers." He is one of our favorite authors and if you've never read him, you are missing  out. He was so colorful and poetic, dramatic, and passionate.  This is how our Haddon is, also. Some would say we were asking for it to have named our son after such a fiery individual. Perhaps. So far,I am loving the fire that I see. Noah picked his middle name out after being inspired by the life of Abraham and the promises of God. 
Oh, My Haddon, so full of life. I remember how hearty he would laugh... at 4 months old. At one point my sister said, "If he's this much fun at just 4 months old, can you imagine?" I could. And he is. He and Aslan are so different. For some reason when I hear moms say that, I always got the feeling that wasn't really a good thing. It was like they had one child and things were smooth and then they had firecracker #2 and things have been soo "different." It is so hard to explain to anyone else how much I appreciate my son's differences. How can you love one thing so much and love the opposite characteristic just as equally? It is a beautiful thing! Haddon is so intense, so passionate, so vibrant. He's been quite a mommas boy, which I know is getting ready to change with the new baby. I have so enjoyed my affectionate, passionate little boy these 2 years. He is ready with hugs and kisses at any moment, which is rare when combined with such intensity.  He talks like a cave man, which I must admit is quite charming. Ya know grunts and one syllables. My favorite thing that he does right now is whenever he sees someone he knows-even if that just means I went in the other room and came back- he gets this big surprised look on his face and shrieks "hi, momma!" as if it is the greatest delight and surprise to see me. He is obsessed with cowboys and old westerns along with his brother. So for right now that means he is constantly pretending to get shot and fall down dead. It may sound morbid for no-gun households, but it is hilarious. Especially because it is usually preceded by riding a "ho" (horse) and then pretending to get shot and fall down, roll around and grunt, then lay on the floor silent. It also means that for the past week or so he insists on sleeping with a cowboy hat on for all nap and bedtime. No kidding he goes to sleep with it on and wakes up and comes out with it on. It is a mystery to me how that is comfortable, but hey, that's the life of  a cowboy. 
Obviously he is only just turning 2 and we are getting to see more and more about who he is everyday. But the joys of raising a boy so filled with stubborn determination, full of zeal and passion is extremely exciting. I also always thought that mom's who said this were just trying to convince themselves. But again, I really mean it. I don't want Haddon to be as compliant as Aslan. I like Haddon with all his weaknesses and all his strengths. I like the Haddon God gave us. He is exactly what God has designed,  God-willing for His purposes. I can't wait to see what those are. I see being his mom as a great adventure. I see plumbing the depths and complexities of his personality as a privilige. He is my Haddon. I can't get enough. He brings colors and beauty to my life in ways only he can. Having Haddon makes me so excited about our new child because I have seen that different isn't bad. I adore being a mom to two different boys. What an honor for me to get to know all these different people as my children, to learn so much from them. Since God makes them different, I will get to learn so much more because of them.
Oh, my Haddon, keep me laughing. Keep hugging me , holding me, kissing me. Keep being so silly. Keep being so determined and let us show you the determination of God. Keep feeling things so passionately and remind me that there are things in this life worthy of passion. Keep being stubborn  and let's learn together to never back down when it comes to God's glory, but to trust God enough to submit to him. I pray that you will show  the passion and fervor I see in you now as a Godly man. I pray you will show it in mercy to others, fighting for justice, caring for the broken and unloved, and pursuing the lost.
I pray that being your mom will teach me these things. I thank God that you got to be my baby boy.

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