Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beautifully said, Amy

For anyone who is online a lot, there is a great online devotional that I have been getting for years(even though, I am  not online a lot:) Go to 
They will send you a devo every day filled with Christian news from around the world, Spurgeon quote of the day, Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Hymn of the day, verse of the day, classic commentaries, and links to a TON of other good stuff. 
While there this morning, I was so encouraged by a quote from Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India in the 1800's. I have been wanting to read some of her writings, so this week I am going to go to the Library for sure.

"I am learning never to be disappointed, but to praise, " Arnot of Central Africa wrote in his journal long ago...I think it must hurt the tender love of our Father when we press for reasons for his dealings with us, as though he were not Love, as though not he but another chose our inheritance for us, as though what he chose to allow could be less than the very best and dearest that Love Eternal had to give. But I do not find that this position, that of unbroken peacefulness and inward song, is one which we can hope to hold unassailed. It is no soft arrangement of pillows, no easy-chair. It is a fort in an enemy's country, and the foe is wise in assault and especially in surprise. And yet there can be nothing to fear, for it is not a place that we must keep, but a stronghold in which we are kept, if only, in the moment we are conscious of attack, we look...unto...Jesus."

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