Thursday, December 4, 2008

My boy

Some weeks seem more tedious and difficult than others. This has been a tough one for me, more because of me than my children. Nonetheless, sometimes it is a good idea to sit and ponder the things we love about the people we love (husbands, children, family). So today, I want to share with you all some of the things that make my eldest son, Aslan so special.
  • As I did the dishes tonight, I got to thinking about how much Alsan loves the finer things in life. It might need mentioning here that he is 3 1/2 . Regardless, he would rather sit in front of a black and white movie any day over Kung Fu Panda or Toy Story. It is pretty adorable. I kid you not, he LOVES old B&W westerns. This may not be so surprising for a boy, but it doesn't end there. Last week he could be found glued to the TV, watching an entire Miss Marple Agatha Christie movie in B&W. He makes me smile so much. 
  • Now, lest you think my son a tad effeminate, he may watch B&W movies, but he is just as passionate about baseball, or any sport for that matter. At about 1 year old, he would sit with his daddy and watch an entire baseball game on TV without moving. This has now graduated to going to actual baseball games, which he effortlessly sits through all innings. He then imitates "baseball man" endlessly at home. And again, just in case I made him sound a little girlie, might I add he has a fervent love of GUNS. 
  • He is a beautiful mix of ruggedness with elegance. I love that boy!
  • He is extremely thoughtful and observant of the world around him. I just love to hear what is on his mind and learn from him.
  • He talks really well for his age and tries to say really big, adult words that make him sound smart. He can be found "teaching" himself words he hears by sounding them out in syllables "rhin-oc-er-ous." Very cute!
  • One of my favorite things about Aslan is his excitement over others good fortune. He is often more excited for others than they even are for themselves.  He is very encouraging. If he asks me to find something and I find it (even if that means I just grabbed it off the table), He quickly and excitedly says, "Mom, you are such a good finder!! Thank you for finding that toy for me!"
  • Whenever I say "Aslan, I love you." He replies with "Oh, good!"
  • He has named the new baby (which he is adamant about being a girl) "baby Sweet tea"
  • Last night he lay on my stomach and I asked him if he heard the baby. So he listened very intently for a second and then shot his head up with a shocked look in his eyes. "What did she say?" I asked. "grrrrrr" he replied. He continued listening a couple of other times while baby sweet tea said "wooosh" " and gurglegurlge."
  • He has an amazing eye for detail and sense of fashion. I know most moms would not brag about this, but I am confident that these are the ways God made him and they are beautiful and perfect. Who knows? Maybe he will be an artist or a surgeon. For example, once when a friend of mine came over (she was only there for about an hour), she left her jewelry. When Aslan asked about them I told him we needed to return them and he said as if it was common knowledge  "yeah, because they match her shoes and jacket and belt." They did.
I love this precious, miracle of a child. We got pregnant with him 5 weeks after we were married and we both see him as the best wedding gift we got. I praise God that I get to be his mom in this life. It is an honor I do not deserve. He is one of my very favorite people in the whole world. I am so glad that God made him the oldest to lead his siblings. God willing, he will be a life given to God's purposes in unique and remarkable ways that only Aslan was made for. So I will just sit back and enjoy the ride with him, He is one of my best friends. I love you my boy.

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Trinity Mommy said...

What a sweet post! My eldest has always loved musicals! She would beg at age 2 to watch Sound of Music! Her favorite movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, her little sister though she will sit through them prefers the world without musicals :)