Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Favorite Xmas present

I know Christmas is a bit of old news, these days. But as usual, I am a little behind. No big deal- this time at least. I did want to share one way in particular that my precious man blessed me on Christmas. He gave me the best Christmas gift ever! Since Noah has been struggling to find work, we have had a more difficult time financially. So this year it was clear that we couldn't get each other gifts, simply because we could not afford it. I knew that, to honor him, I had to comply. I DID use some coupons and watched sales to find free stuff, finding him a nice razor and some new earphones for free. So technically, I followed the rules. I was pretty proud of myself, but he showed me up big time. After the boys had opened their present (also, mostly handmade), Noah pointed to a red handkerchief pouch at the base of the tree. I grabbed it, not sure what could be a gift for me, and free, and fit in a small handkerchief. I hadn't asked for snot rockets. hmmm. 
When I opened it, I found a pile of dimes. Still unsure, noah asked me how many weeks were in a year. " There are 52 dimes in that bag," he said. Heres the good part. "For every dime you give to me over the next year, I will do the dishes for you and all I can say is 'yes, maam.'
Now, if you haven't got the full affect. Let me explain a few things.  I HATE doing the dishes. I DON'T have a dishwasher, mechanically speaking that is. My husband HATES doing the dishes. I have frequently mentioned to him that if all he ever did was dishes (as far as house cleaning goes) it would be more than enough. It is just always drudgery for me. But we have to eat, so I do them... some times... when I have to. I truly must say that Noah is VERY helpful to me in his role as husband and father (helps with the kids, giving me breaks, encouraging me, around the house, etc.). So although some husbands do dishes way more than once a week, this is his thing, the one thing he bristles at the thought of and dreads doing. I cannot think of any other thing thats like that for him. Every husband has that thing. So although, for some it would not have been a big deal to commit to helping their wife in that way, pretend it is that thing. What is sweeter is that not only did he seek to do the one thing that would bless me the most- literally, no jewelry could be more beautiful than that dull pile of dimes- but he sought purposeful sanctification for himself. He knew this commitment to me would be personal accountability for an area of struggle for him. 
Sooo,  I held them close to my heart, I slept with them under my pillow, kissed them, told them I loved them, made an altar on which to put them, etc.
Thank you , honey. You know me well. You love me well.

This is Haddon's hand painted sheets I made him for Xmas. Aslan got a set, too. And I made them both stuffed animals (don't be impressed it took me almost a year to actually FINISH them. Technically, they were made for last years xmas). They were pretty cool, though, cause they are pillows, too, and I stuffed them with lavender and chamomile to sooth them.   This Haddon's horse blanket. I made them each a  fleece horse blanket, because they love cowboy stuff!
Again, please don't foolishly think that I am Martha Stewart simply cause I made some gifts for the kiddos. I know how we ladies work. It doesn't take anything to make us feel inadequate a mothers/wives.  You do special things for your family all the time as acts of love and worship to God. We are all different. 
Be blessed


Betharoo said...

Thanks for sharing so openly. I love Noah's gift idea. Tell him he's brilliant! Haha! Ya know, I understand where you're coming from financially, we're tight most of the time too. But look at how creative we get with so little! Great story!

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Stephanie, what loving memories you two are making! Use your dimes wisely :-)