Monday, April 2, 2007

mommy moment

So I just had what I am now affectionately going to be calling a " mommy moment." You know, one of those moments when you feel that heaven has literally floated down into your arms for a moment and you could just stop time. For me, it is now. No one else is awake and I am sitting in the living room holding Haddon. He is looking at me like I am must be the love of his life, cooing and giving me the biggest smiles known to man. It is like we have our own language, our own special love between us, and it fills me to the point of almost bursting. I want to laugh and cry all at the same time. God is good and I am in love. Pause. I could stay here forever, an echo of heaven. If anyone else wants to share their mommy moments, write in. I know its these moments that God uses to encourage and reward us.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Mommy Moments are when my children come up to me and out of the blue say that they love me! My son is learning from his daddy about loving his family and everyday will come up put his arms around my neck and say, "Mommy, I love you too!" It melts my heart the way that he says He loves me TOO, as though he knows that he is loved and wants to make sure that I know I too am loved!

Larissa Douglas said...

When my oldest son Silas began to talk he would come up to me at times, and still does although less frequently, and say "hold me, momma." Often I am tempted, because of the pressing nature of motherhood and homemaking, to simply tell him to play. Yet how much grace from our savior is revealed by a little boy, I have no experience with girls, with absolute trust and love in his eyes requesting a bit of snuggle time and then squirling down in my lap getting just right and smelling so much like a boy. Even though it has been almost two years since he began these requests, it is still one of the sweetest moments that God gives to my day and I am so deeply thankful for His calling me into this ministry to my husband and boys.