Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The view from here

With Noah traveling to Haiti about once a month, and after I joined him on the last trip, it was time for a much needed family vacation.
Vacations are our FAVORITE thing.
If you would have had the privilege of joining us on our first-lil'-family-vacation-of-the Summer/Spring a few weeks ago,
You could have enjoyed the view from where I was.
And you'd have liked it.
At just about the time we should have been tucking kids into bed,
we were tucking them into car seats to drive to the beach!
Don't you parents think driving at night while everyone sleeps is da bomb?
That felt good.
Haven't said that since Junior High.

You would have seen beautiful, remarkable children, running and playing....
Acting the way I feel on the inside about vacation.

You would have seen a boy's first vacation, with their first dog, Auggie.
That's short for Augustine.
We can't help but be fancy.
That's just us.

You even might have seen,
the littlest boy

taking his dog
Or perhaps it was his dog, taking him...

down the beach.
It must be true, moms.
No one takes you seriously when you can't yell at 'em.

Noah was having a terrible time!
Seriously, every picture we have of him at the beach, he is making this face.
So maybe it was just crazy bright out there and he's grimacing from the glaring sun in his eyes.
But we can pretend...
that he isn't my absolute favorite person to be "stuck" on an island with.
He's a remarkable father.
P.s. Please don't show the above photo to anyone who knows anything about trachs.
For instance, a certain pulmanologist or ENT surgeon might hate to see a picture of the trach kid dangling out over the ocean...just maybe.

One of our first conversations with Dr.D, Sheph's ENT surgeon, was about what life would look like for him after getting a tracheostomy.
Noah asked, "So, I mean, is he gonna be like "bubble boy?"
Dr D: "No! He's not gonna be "bubble Boy" But he's not gonna be "boy- by- the- pool either."

It's not a pool!

Speaking of bubbles.
My youngest one lacks a bubble.
Bubble but, that is.
In a major way.
The poor child.
His bottom is just an extension of his skinny little back.
It's almost sadder than having to breath out your neck.
Don't believe me?!
Look at things from my viewpoint.
Sheperd cute. Shepherd playing.
It's beginning to happen.
Gravity kicks in, gives it a little help...
and BADOW!!

Poor kid.
He did NOT get it from either of us.
This is certain.

Just pointing out the obvious.

But he's not too upset about it. His other cheeks are adorable.

And we think imperfections are perfect around here.

So we'll just keep enjoying whatever God gives us.

I hope you all get lot's of quality family time this Summer!!!!

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