Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter happens to be all about...
Easter bunnies and Cadbury eggs.
Wait, that's not right.

Easter happens to be all about...
The kind of resurrection that makes broken things new and brings hope where there was hopelessness.
The kind where death purchased life.
And honestly, it's because of this grace poured out that we can make beautiful memories, full of beautiful moments here in this foreign land.
Grace filled memories like these..
while eating Cadbury eggs.

It began...

With cousins caring...
And uncles...
And aunts...
On your team

And then,
amazing, Mimi food
(this pic makes it look like Noah made the food.hehe.)
He didn't.
He did eat it,though.
How could he not?

And then they waited...

For this...
Just in case your wondering.
Mimi did this with 9 grandkids, by herself.
And yes that is Vinegar and egg dye.
And yes, we can't decide wether or not we should Praise God for super grandma...
or call the looney bin.

We asked the natives and they're response was unanimous...
In response, I got the official "Shepherd's- cheesy- camera- smile."

So we'll keep 'er.
And it's not because she has her very own "LegoLand" in her upstairs room.

After a good nights sleep,
we all met at church on Sunday morning.
I have the honor of worshipping with my ENTIRE family every Sunday..both sides. ALL cousins, ALL aunts and unlces, ALL grandparents. Each side would take up an entire row.
It's pretty much miraculous.
And being that this was the first Sunday that my sister and her family have been home since unexpectedly returning home from Asia...
It was especially special.
Now I know what you're wondering.
How does this beautiful, young mom have 6 beautiful young children so close together.
That young lady who looks like my sister is indeed my mother and the reason why Noah married me.
With genes that good, how can you go wrong?
Yep, that is Mimi with 6/9 of her grandkids.

Yeah, she likes em'

As for us, we enjoyed a slow morning before meeting everyone,
enjoying porch swings and Spring sun.

And then we worshiped God for making a way...
To live. Really live.

Then off to more festivities at Mimi's
and rejoicing at having family back.

On your mark,
get set,


Now at this point, I feel the need to inquire.
Who else grew up or currently does hide REAL, dyed, hard boiled eggs for the egg hunt?
Just curious.
We like to be authentic like that.

Which reminds me of a couple downsides to this common Meekin family practice.
Example 1.
As a child, my dad got very creative in his hiding of the eggs. You see, I grew up in Alaska, so the egg hunt was not often done outside in the warm Spring air. No, it was limited to the Living room.
This meant much creativity was needed.
And much was used.
So much so that it was entirely possible, hypothetically speaking, that the hard boiled egg that dad hid in the lamp, where a light bulb should have been, would not actually be found....for weeks or maybe months.
Not until the stank led us to it.
Hypothetically speaking.
But no, no, we are a wiser generation.
We have realized that if you count them before hand, you can be sure they've all been found.
Example 2.
So we counted them this year. We hid them.
We found them. ALL.
problem solved.
Unless, hypothetically speaking, your sons put the hard boiled eggs inside the big plastic eggs in their easter baskets. And if by some odd chance, you don't empty out and throw away the baskets but instead chuck them in the boys bedroom, cause it's just plastic eggs anyway, you may be surprised a couple weeks later to find what that all too familiar stank is in their bedroom.
Ahhhhhh. Traditions.
I'm a sucker for them.
Hypothetically speaking.
Once the hunt was over and the eggs counted,cause we're smart like that...

Everyone examined their booty.

Not that booty.
The egg hunt booty!!!
You know like Pirate booty?!
Geez, folks.
I couldn't help myself.

Hope you had a great Easter!!!

The Joyners


Rambling Heather said...

So I'm assuming your sis is back? Cant wait to catch up with you both!

Sue Barnes Gann said...

Sweet... sweet .... sweet.. keep up the great work!

Sue Barnes Gann said...

sooooo sweet! ... you are a true artist and author.... and an inspiration! keep up the great work ;)