Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wanted to update you all on what we know about complications in Haiti right now.

First off, the cholera cases on the" Nord-est" region are still being investigated and have not been confirmed. But please keep praying. Though we have more medical research on our side, cholera's history is not encouraging. We have spoken with Pastor Willio and he is very concerned for the children and, as is usual for him, the Haitian people as a whole.
As of now, Noah and his brothers, along with a pastor from our church, are still planning to go down there for a week in November. Though we understand completely why some would stay away, and even agree with this decision, Noah and I currently think that it is the best for him to go. How can we stay when friends so desperately need our help? How can we forsake those we love when they need us most?
And so the plan is GO.

We are currently doing all we can to educate them and prepare them for the outbreak, if it does reach the orphanage.
As if that is not enough, there appears to be a hurricane, "Tomas," headed straight for Haiti, arriving on Wednesday. This happens to be the very same day Willio's wife is due with their third child. Having children in Haiti, where there is basically NO good healthcare available, is already very dangerous and a source of anxiety for Willio and his family. Adding "Tomas", the uninvited guest, makes things even scarier. Please pray for Chrisman's delivery in this next week.
May God protect her and that sweet boy, Willio's first son.
Finally, with all of this, there is also the upcoming elections in the end of November. The government in Haiti is already unstable and the elections, mixed with the cholera outbreak are making for a lot of social unrest.

Sooo, there is much to lift up in Haiti and for the boys' upcoming trip. It is much appreciated, especially by us wives;)

And just for some comic relief.... Have you ever seen a Haitian phone booth?

And another reminder of the beauty of Haiti

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