Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm writing quickly to ask you all to pray, if you aren't already for the cholera outbreak in Haiti.
I have just seen that there are cases in the "Nord-est" region, which is where the orphanage we work with is at. We are trying to get in touch to see what they need. It also appears, they may be shutting down the border form the Dominican Republic (the way in which we get into Haiti). But please pray hard for the 45 children and handful of adults who are currently there. Also, pastor Willio's wife, Chrisman is due within the next 2 weeks with their son. Please pray for her protection. Please pray for the protection of all involved. It's much appreciated.
Also be praying as the elections are coming at the end of November and the tensions between that and the cholera outbreak could cause much conflict.

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