Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look what I can do?

I've been up to nooo good. Thought you should know.
I went with all my favorite guys for a night to honor one of my favorite guys.
It was Papa's (that's pa-paw not paw-paw) Birthday and I thought he deserved some Hibachi and a sake sampler. But what do I know? I am only one.

Still hanging out with mom all the time.
She's kind of attached.

Hangin on mom.
I'm kinda attached.
Practiced a little stethoscope action


Do?!?!? Yeah I do this on everything unless mom sees me.

Did you know I have shoulders?

And I can walk really good now.
In case your wondering, my shirt says. "I may be small but I'm still the man." My grandparents got it from Alaska one summer.
Don't forget it.

And a VERY big event took place this week. And I'm not talking about my killer mohawk above.

I'm talking about my first bath with the boys. Yeah, it wasn't very long, cause once I got in there I wanted to forget I had a trach and started playing like a big kid and trying to swim and stuff, soooooooo mom got me out. But boy was it fun! Can't you tell? My brothers were as excited as I was!

So much work wears a kid out.
But life is sweet.

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