Monday, June 15, 2009

A week in the life of Shepherd

Well, I know it seems as though we have dropped off the face of the earth. I am used to posting daily and now I find myself lucky to post weekly. I'm not going to stress about it, though. The last thing I need to do is place uneeded expectations on myself. Isn't that just how it works? We, women stress our selves out with "all the things we have to do."  
But do we really have to do it? Sometimes. A lot of times. Yes.
Posting on blogs...not a have to. But I do enjoy it. That is as long as I don't pressure myself to have to do it.
Anyways, I couldn't post all the pics of our events this week. And of course there are many, MANY moments that I wouldn't want to capture with photographs.
You know like the ones where I say rude things to family members , or the ones where I haven't showered in 2 days.. at least, or the ones where there are mice turds on my kitchen counter top (no, seriously, we have a mouse problem, and it's gggeerrooooossssss!!!)
Or just me being tired, weary, bratty, snotty, demanding, whiny, etc,etc. Toddler meltdowns, mommy meltdowns, husband meltdowns. I tend not to pull out the ol'polaroid for those ones.  That would just be way too revealing for my taste. 
It's like when I was living overseas about 6 years ago. I had pictures I had brought from home posted all over my walls and my dear friend, Elke, commented, "your life looks so fun!"
Well, yeah that's the point right?
So, let's not pretend that pictures capture reality. Pictures capture life as it really is, sometimes.
 And sometimes they capture life as we wish it was... flawless.
Nonetheless, their beautiful. So here are some captions from Shepherd's week....
Minus meltdowns.

Somehow, I had time to go to Walmart with my nanny/nurse- minus the other 2 boys of course. What, do you think I am crazy? And I found these adorable iron on's for onesies. And they are only like $2.50 for 2 different iron on's. I think he should model them.
Though this may look like a sport's illustrated cover shoot- it's not nearly that glamorous. 
Actually, when it rains at our house, the water floods up in front of our porch, making a muddy mess. And what else do you do with muddy messes when you have boys? Let them go crazy. Then take a warm bath. Cause they can. And you can.

I love this picture. And I love our porch, and our porch swing. And my husband. and my boys. They were all waiting on the chicken man to arrive. yes, that's right. I said the chicken man. Because life is just too simple right now, we decided we'd get some chickens for our backyard.
I have yet to decide if I love the chickens. I think I'll love the chickens. They eat mosquitos and tics and they lay fresh, organic eggs. Well see.
But I love these boys.

Isn't this precious? His first smile captured on camera. 
Priceless. Doesn't he look so bright?
yep, that's a trach model.
Right now, Shep is on a new feeding schedule. He eats by bottle every three hours, instead of continuous feeds. His goal is to take 46mL every bottle feed and then overnight he is on continuous feeds to get him his calories in. It's working quite well. It means he doesn't have to be attached to an IV pole and his feeds all day long. That is GREAT! And so far he has taken as much as 36mL on his own, by mouth. That's quite an improvement for him. He's still a ways off from getting the ng tube out all together but, it is growth.
Then of course, there is hanging out with the bros. And trying to roll over. See that? And that beautiful blanket he's laying on was a gift from a nurse in the PICU. He loves it.

Here's a snapshot of his room
And here are the effects of his bath on him. Wheww! Tiring. 
Everyday, he gets a bath and trach care, then we weigh him. I love giving him a bath. Clean children.. one of the finer things in life. Next to dirty, happy children.
You see the resemblance? No. Give it 20 years. You'll see. He's all mine.

We also found time (and when I say found time, I mean on the outside I was playing calm, cool, crafty mommy. While on the inside I was running out of time with way too much to do to be painting with toddlers mommy)
Anyway, we "found time" to paint Pap a welcome home sign. Papa came back unexpectedly from flying up in Alaska this week and we couldn't have been happier.
But just in case you think I pulled off the calm, cool, and collected mommy, I want you to take a good look at this sign after we hung it up.

And, no, my 2 and 4 year old did not hang it up. Nor am I dyslexic. 
Just in a hurry.

And on that very polished note. The night nurse just arrived to relieve me. I am going to get some rest and be glad for a new start to a new day tomorrow... with chickens.


Terra Jones said...

Oh Stephanie! Beautiful family & beautiful pictures!!

I LOVE that iron on!!! & the smiles & the mud and the sign :)

Thank you for sharing your family with everyone, as well as your heart!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I love all of the pictures and the updates. So very happy to hear all is well. Good luck with the chickens! :)
Blessings and Love-
Amber in VA

Greene family said...

You bless my heart so much! I love how real you are! What a beautiful family!

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Wow! Everything looks like a "normal" family now :-) PTL!