Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayers and pics

Shepherd with his mimi, being held by her for the first time today. I think he looks in love, what about you?

Thank you all so much for praying. 
Most of all God brought us His peace quickly. 
Shep went into the OR around 5pm and was back in his room settled by around 7pm. The procedure went great. They got the line in the location they were hoping for, and he did great. Now that his broviac is in safely, it actually is less risky for him because they don't have to keep going in at different sites and it is much more stable. In the long run, it is a relief to know he has a stable line. Thank you Lord for protecting him through one.. more.. trip to the OR. As he rolls down that hall to the OR ,each time to a place where we physically cannot be, and physically cannot help, I am reminded of your mighty hand and our mighty need for you. More and more opportunities to trust you. More and more opportunities to prove yourself trustworthy. And you do.
The other good news is that after ultrasounding his chest, they don't think there is enough fluid built back up to automatically put in a chest tube. Instead, they are just going to put him back on the mystery drug, Octreotide, and see if takes care of itself. If it starts to cause him trouble breathing, they will put a chest tube back in. Even if they put the tube back in, they think it will be relatively short because it is a smaller amount of fluid. Nothing like the 2,000 cc of fluid last time. 
I felt like it was a relatively hopeful day, just some "minor" setbacks. My mom, Noah, and I  all got a chance to hold him. He was very alert and acting like a baby. And he's back to devouring his pacifier-makes a momma proud. 
The other good news- he's got leg warmers. Oh yes, that's right. Leg warmers. Flashdance has got nothin on my boy. So I got these cute little things called "Babylegs" because well, they're cute, and quite honestly they're about all a hospitalized youngin can wear. There was one problem. For a little white boy with chicken legs-love ya, darlin- they were way too big. Luckily for him, his momma sews, so all it took was a quick seam and they were half the width. Taaddaaa. Babylegs for a really little baby. Soooo cute. You have to admit he looks better than any man in leg warmers I've ever seen.
Tomorrow, Noah's off to study for preaching on Sunday. Please pray for him as he juggles the many responsibilities he has. 
 I do want to take this opportunity to point out that no matter how much he has on his plate, throughout this whole time (and it has been A LOT), Shepherd and the family have been his priority. I love that about my husband. He's ready and willing to fail at many things for the sake of taking good care of his family. Thank you, baby. We love you, soooooo much!!!! It takes a real man to be willing to appear as a failure to others to be a success to his family.
Thank you all for literally lifting us up in prayer. We have today and many days before and many days to come been lifted up. We love you. We love Jesus. We love Jesus in you.
We also wanted to ask you all to pray for this precious little one, Jakub. He's in a hospital far, far away tonight. A friend who lives overseas sent us this prayer request. Jakub is the youngest son of their friends there. He was in a terrible accident that left 40% of his body burned today. PLEASE PRAY. How difficult for them all. How great our God must be to handle these kinds of tragedies. AND HE IS. ISN'T HE. Thank you Jesus, for walking near to this family in ways no human can.


Anonymous said...

Wow, please keep us updated on Jakub as we pray.

Steph, I'm so glad his line is in and stable...and I heard he was off the vent really quickly! So glad to hear that. I love the new pics and the leg warmers!!

And I love the shoutout to your man. I've NEVER seen him as a failure...he has impressed me SO much with the way he has stayed there this whole time caring for you and the boys. Noah is amazing! You two are a perfect match!

I love you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Stephanie, Your favorite preacher did an amazing job today! Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated with the sweet pictures and the ups and is a privilege to pray with you for sweet Shepherd.