Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't go changin

Well, as things always do at the PICU, they're changin.
Just got a call from the Doc to tell me Shepherd's line came out this morning. He doesn't have any more safe sites to put one in because of how many he's already had. Because of his need for one right now, they feel the only good option is to take him to the OR and give him a more permanent line called a broviac. They will have to make a cut in his chest and put one in.
Please pray that if there is a better option, God will make it clear. Please pray for our peace and that we wouldn't grow weary or discouraged, but would instead grown in our perserverance. Please also pray for Shepherd's protection in the OR.  I hate the OR. I hate seeing my son rolled away from me and I hate to see his limp lifeless body when he returns from the OR all drugged up and hurting. Please pray we would be filled with peace if this is the best choice for him. Pray that we would be grateful for things that can help Shep. Thank you all for protecting our hearts in prayer.


Paul Eubanks said...

Hey Steph,

Thanks for the updates and keeping us up on how to pray. I'm a song girl, so when you get a chance check out on Youtube "With all I am" by Hillsong. I hope it will encourage you. I'm not very computer illiterate, so I'm sure there is a way to send it you. I just don't know how. Praying for you.

Pam Eubanks

Anonymous said...

I love this family so much and I will be praying today for you and Noah and the sweet little "butterbean". God is in control of all, and KEEP your head in the BIBLE, those who do not know our great physician can not comprehend HIS glory in all!!
Love you guys so much!

Betharoo said...

Prayin' that you will have wisdom and that the Doctors will too!

KR said...

Praying for Shepherd and praying for your perseverance.