Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving up in the World

So, Shep may not be moving at the high speeds suggested by this photo, nor was he crib racing - but he was making his way......OUT... OF...THE...PICU!!!!!!!!
That's right, a bit to our surprise, they decided that despite some unexpected complications, Shepherd was no longer in need of his Intensive Care status. So, though we are moving farther away from the exit door, we are moving closer to going home. 
He still has some pretty major hurdles- the main one of which is eating and GROWING. He is making progress and we are so grateful. So , though we were sad to say good-bye to all of our PICU friends, we really mean it when we say.. "We hope we never see you again." Or shall I say, we hope we never see you again, in this context. We actually do hope to reunite with all of our hospital friends in a friendly, at home, celebrating Shep's recovery sort of way. But who knows.

This is us getting packed up and ready to go. As you can tell by the amount of stuff we had to move, we'd been there way too long.
So as far as Shepherd's eating goes. 
He looks good doin it. I must say. 
Ok, so today he didn't really "eat" but he sucked a swallowed a few times, so were proud of him. As I mentioned before, the throwing up thing has made a bit of an obstacle for him, but he actually started taking his pacifier good again yesterday. Praise God!  And he did ok with the bottle. So they're going to keep feeding him through his NG tube while simultaneously practicing his bottle feeding everyday. At this point his stomach isn't tolerating more than 12cc without irritating his stomach so it really will be baby steps.

And here he is settled in his bed on the CICC floor and the boys will be here any minute to meet their baby brother for the second time and the first time in almost 2 months. YAYYY!!!!  All of these things are answers to all of your prayers. Thank you for joining with us in celebrating what the hand of God has done. More pictures to follow!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a big day!! I can't wait to hear how it went when the boys saw him again!

Love you guys,

Stephanie said...

Praise our Living KING!
He is so gracious. What a HUGE step!
We indeed celebrate this major moment that the Lord has brought forth. We will continue to pray for all of these next steps, too, and God's gentle hand to move mightily in Him.
Thank you for such thourough (sp?)updates adn ways for us to pray specifically. LOVE it!
love from team lyon!

Anonymous said...

yay Shepherd! I love celebrating these little steps with you guys, and I am still praying hard for the road ahead. I can't wait for pictures of all your boys together again :)
Love you all!

Tori said...

We are soooooooo happy for you guys! God is so good!
Continuing in prayer,
Stuart, Ann, Tori, Isaac & Sam

Anonymous said...

What a praise to move out of the PICU! He is just so so so adorable!! and the pics you put up of all three boys- so precious!!! Praying for his eating and growing! and for continued strength and grace for you and noah. Love you guys.