Monday, May 18, 2009

Alright, I lied. The boys didn't get to come see him tonight. It was too late and they'd had a long day... but tomorrow. 
Were doin it. Were taking pics. Be there.

So to hold you off a bit... here are some pics of our day with the 2/3 boys on Sunday. Hope to send you ones of 3/3 boys together tomorrow.
Things to keep in prayer:
-Shep has high blood pressure, now. Just part of his birth defect/heart issues, but was irritated by the catheter procedure on Wed. He's being treated with blood pressure meds and it looks like it's under control.
-Today, they found a new blood clot caused by the cath procedure. It's in his artery on the opposite leg of his previous blood clot. Since he is already being treated with blood thinner's, they will probably only tweak his existing treatment a bit.
Thanks Guys!
We'll know more tomorrow.
So sweet. Aslan is holding a Magnolia that Daddy picked for me earlier. I love my boys!
Were trying to figure out this little game with tubes.

Future construction worker? Future brain surgeon? Only God knows. Presently- 3 1/2 and loving it.
Anyone looking for a handyman? He looks confident enough, don't you think?
Our little green thumb. Salad anyone?
I hope I get to retake this picture in about 20 years. My little men making me dinner.
 It involved lots of plastic carbs. But who's complaining?
He's still working out the kinks. But I'd still trust him to build, oh say, a roof. Perhaps my bias distorts my vision. One thing is sure. He is cute.


Keri, Maggiano's server said...

Hey guys. I hate that I'm just now checking out the blog, but I have been working like crazy the past couple of weeks. Then I lost the sheet of paper with your blog name, but somehow found it again. Wow, you guys have tons of pictures and I must say that your children are adorable. I know you were hoping to be on your way out of the hospital close to now. I am glad you're still there, only because I would like to come by and visit if I could. I would love to take you up on the offer of the tour and I love kids and would always be willing to play with your boys for a while. Please feel free to email me at or give me a call- 919.794.1538. I am going out of town Thursday afternoon until Monday, but I have time before or after those days, if you're willing. And Trevor and I are serious about coming back to Maggiano's. Or bringing food to you, whichever is better. Even though you're only taking baby steps, at least they are in the right direction. You all will make it through and come out stronger and better than before. Feel free to contact me and I look forward to it!

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

Beautiful, beautiful boys! All 3 of them! We've missed you at MOPS.