Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am so tired right now, but I figured everyone was wondering how Shep is doing.
He is doing good.

No, I'm kidding. Wouldn't you hate me for that.

They are still trying to adjust his med's so that he can go home on them. The're continuing training Noah and I for his care when we go home. We're working on feeds. And they are going to take out his broviac (the more permanent line they surgically put in a month ago) on Thursday.
And all of these things are being done in an attempt to....................................
SEND US HOME!!!!!!!!

At first when they startes talking about it, I was cautious. I mean we were only supposed to be here 2 weeks, for goodndss sakes. But I'll admit that I got pretty excited when they told me we could get home in a few days. I even generously gave them a few extra days and assumed a Friday discharge date... just to be nice.
So I was pretty dissapointed after I sent Noah and the boys home today, hoping to follow soon after, just to find out that we can't go home before Tuesday because of technicalities. uughhh!
But I'll remember this whole God's sovereignty thing, even during minor/major annoyances or inconveniences in my life.

They're still trying to figure out how to get him on a good dose of Lasiks (a diuretic) to be sent home on. I am hoping this expiementing with the doasge is what has caused him some respiratory trouble lately, and nothing serious. When he gets fluid build up, something most cardiac kids struggle with, he has to work harder to breath.

Other than that, they've started using a special bottle with him and he is really taking to it. Yayyyyy!!!! Today he took 4mL in one feeding and 5 in another. For you math wiz's out there, that's 9mL is one day orally!!!! Best so far. And they are going to allow him to work on food stuff at home, which is soo exciting. I would much rather tackle these challenges in my living room whith sounds of laughter drifting through the rooms.
Oh, I can't wait to be home. It's so weird to feel like 2 months of your life dissapeard into a vortex.

Please continue to pray for his recovery. Also pray that all the paper work and insurance details can come together and they can get our nurses scheduled asap so that we can go home right when the Lord wants us to.

Well, I'm off to "rest" on a "bed" with "lullabies" of hospital sounds to lull me to "sleep."
"Good Night," all.


Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to hear that he will be going home soon, and I cannot wait to hear all about that wonderful day. In the meantime, I will keep praying about feeding and meds and getting everything just right so he can be in the best shape possible to go home.
Also, I think I will see you guys on Saturday at the grad. party, so I can't wait to give you a hug and tell you I love you face to face.

Betharoo said...

Oh what an answer to prayer that you can even blog the words "go home"!!!! We'll be continuing to pray!!!

Sylvia Goode Basham said...

There's no place like home.... :-)

Anonymous said...

That is great news Stephanie! We'll continue to pray for his feeding and that everything gets worked out for you all to return home soon.
The Vahalas