Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm too exhausted to say anything else but Shepherd is out of surgery and the procedure went well. Now, the concern is with his recovery and his lungs. His very tiny body has been through sooo much. Please pray for God's hand of healing.
I'll write more tomorrow...after sleep.

Noah got to hold him this morning. We knew it would be a while till we could hold him again. It was sweet, it always is.
Shep with his CPAP, otherwise known as  his elephant trunk. And those beautiful eyes. Can't get enough of that.

These are pics from today before surgery. This is him on the CPAP while I was holding him.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie and Noah,

We are thankful that the surgery went well today. We will pray for him to have a full and quick recovery and for you both to get a good nights rest. Thank you for sharing the pictures, he is adorable.

the Vahala family

KR said...


Steph said...

he's so beautiful!!!!

Lisa said...

I hope the recovery goes well!!


Tori said...

Still praying!!!! Shep is so cute!!
The Bulmans

Kathy said...

What a precious face.

Continuing in prayer for the little man and you all.

He is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad steve got to come visit. wish me and the girls could've come. we love you guys and miss you and are so thankful everything went well! always praying for you and your family!


Larissa said...

He is such a gorgeous little one! He has such beautiful face and hands! What a precious blessing and gift from our God!!