Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prayer for tomorrow

This was a pic I snapped today of Shepherd with his eyes open. He was sooo alert today, we got lot's of cuddle and talking time in.

Tomorrow, they will make the third attempt to take Shepherd off of the ventilator. He has failed two other extabations, the last one being Monday. Not much has changed since Monday, except that they hope that time will have made him stronger. This is a very important hurdle for Shepherd and once he can breath on his own, we hope that the hardest part (for now) will be over. That is the biggest thing keeping him from moving forward. We have some specific prayers that we hope will help aid Shepherd and the doctors in this process. Please pray with us.
-Pray for perfect timing
-Strength for Shep's body and lungs
-Reduced swelling in his airway
-Protection against Pneumonia
-Alertness for Shepherd
-Wisdom with the amount of pain meds that he is getting. They can make him drowsy, therefore hindering his ability to breath well. We don't want Shepherd to be in pain either. But right now, he is on morphine, not for pain but to help wean him off the other pain meds he was on. They are very strong drugs and their little bodies respond strongly so they have to slowly wean them off or their bodies get jittery and agitated like an addicts would. So we pray for wisdom for the team to find a balance of not too much and not too little.
-Prayer for his VSD (hole in his heart) that still remains. We pray that this is not the reason that he is having trouble breathing.
-That we would be hopeful and believe God can accomplish this
-That the Drs would know exactly what needs to happen to help Shep breath
-That the nurses he gets for tomorrows day shift will be experienced in this procedure
-Pray for our emotions. The previous times that he was extabated were the most difficult for us. He was very uncomfortable, couldn't breath, and he cries but no sound comes out because of damage to his airway. Pray for our strength and the ability to care well for him in that time.
-That as God works, the staff will not be able to deny that God has done it
-That we would clearly communicate the gospel every chance we have

Thank you for praying with us for tomorrow and we look forward to sharing with you the ways that God will work for his glory

The Joyners

This is a picture of the boys sitting on 'At McDonalds' lap (that's what Aslan calls Ronald McDonald. It's his version of Old McDonald and McDonalds). This is right outside the Ronald McDonald House where we are staying.


KR said...

Reese and I (and baby James) are praying,praying and praying. I posted on my site for prayers..with your permission, I'd like to include a picture of Shepherd. If you need anything or just want to talk to a heart momma, please feel free to email with your number and I'll call. God bless. Kelly

Anonymous said...

Sweet Steph,

He'll be in my prayers and pleas! Looking forward to a successful day tomorrow!

I love you,


ps- the picture is ADORABLE!!! He's so precious!!

Anonymous said...

We arepraying hard for tomorrow to go well and for his little body to get stronger and stronger. We know that your faith is evident to those around you and We pray that as God answers prayers everyone will see His hands at work and give Him the glory. We love you guys and are praying for strength and wisdom and peace for you too.
-Kelly and Nathan

Tori said...

We will be praying for sweet Shepherd through-out Friday!
We love you guys,
Stuart, Ann, Tori, Isaac & Sam

Team Reed said...

Hey sweet Joyners... we are bringing you before the throne even now. We love ya'll and hope to see you soon. Psalm 16:11-

Team Reed

Jimmy and Rebecca Byrd said...

We are still praying. We miss you guys and hope that tomorrow goes well. :)

Kirsten said...

We keep praying and praying and praying.....thank you for allowing us the opportunity to join in prayer with all of your family and friends. Please know that I'm praying so hard....SO hard.
We love you Steph, and your whole entire family so very much.
KK (and the entire Durham family!)

Tom and Jan Lamb said...

Steph, I had no idea all this was going on! Please know that we are joining with you and the hundreds of others to pray for your sweet baby Shepherd! You are strong in the Lord and you have strong people around you. He will sustain you!
Tom & Jan Lamb