Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Not much to report today. His cultures are still showing yeast, so they are still gonna double treat the yeast. His chest tube output is a little more than yesterday so far, but with 14 hours still to go, so pray it slows down so we can end the day below the mark. 
We got to go to Northwake this morning, which is always completely refreshing. Just getting to be with God's people and sing praises to His faithfulness, all of which I become more and more convinced of with each day, is awesome. The boys are still with us at the RMH. We are praying they stay healthy, so that they can stay there with us. Nana Peg is taking a well needed break and will be back on duty tomorrow. Thanks Nana! Super mom is not taking a well needed break, but that is to be expected. She is super mom. She is currently tearing apart boxes, unpacking, decorating and shopping to get us moved into our house. No, shopping is not necessarily  involved in the moving process, but it's her spiritual gift, and she is gifted. 
Other than that, Noah and I got a dinner date last night and had the most FABULOUS meal at Nantucket Grill. Woahh! Good. Thanks, nana, for keeping guard like a vicious watchdog while the boys slept. wink,wink. we couldn't have done it without you. Enjoy your rest. Hope it's long enough.
Thank you, everyone who is praying, caring, being selfless, thoughtful, loving us beyond our wildest dreams. It doesn't go unnoticed or taken for granted for even a milli second. Every card, every prayer, every gift is accepted with humble awe at God's love and provision through you. Thank you. We love you.


Melissa Pearce said...

so sad we missed you guys this morning. I was hoping to see your face and give you a hug. Were you at first or second service? Anyway, still praying for the little man!! and you guys! love the pearces

Kathy said...

Glad to stop here and read about how well this precious boy is doing. Our family continues to be in prayer for him.