Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So far, everything has looked great in testing. Friday, we have another growth check. If, at this point the baby had plummeted in size, they would deliver the baby, but they really don't expect that. One doctor even thought that we should expect that the baby has jumped in size! I know I continue to jump in size, so hey, why not? Contrary to popular belief, small baby does not make for small mommy. But I'm lovin' it. I know there will be a day when I will have complete control over the size of my body and I will cherish the memories of carrying my sweet little ones an all the ways my body changed to care for them. 
And just as a side note, ( I really wasn't planning on spending this much time on my weight) ever since we moved into this apartment last year, we haven't had a full length mirror- and I must say- I'll never go back.  Now, I am as fashion savvy as the next gal, and as vain mind you. But I STILL love the ways not having a full length mirror has affected me. I am way less distracted/ concerned about my appearances/ flaws cause I can't see em. that is unless they are from the neck up. So my eyebrows are plucked but my shoes don't match. No, seriously, I dare any of you ladies to take yours down for a substantial amount of time and just see. It's a beautiful thing. I may be wearing a not-as-flattering shirt, but I don't know it so I don't care. Very freeing.
Anyways. Back to my precious child. So far, so good. We should be meeting this anonymous little one in about 2 weeks. So please pray for us. This is a prayer list I typed up to give to our small group. Please pray these things with us.

.....................        ........................        ........................      .....................       .......................       ....................

The Lord replied, “my Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Then Moses said to him, “If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. How will anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us? What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?

And the Lord said to Moses, “ I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.”

- Ex 33:13-17

We are asking you to pray specifically with us for our new little one. We are confident that God’s will shall be done and that He is supremely sovereign. We are humbly aware that he has not promised us all of these things specifically. But as a way to battle anxiety and as a clear way to acknowledge that He is the only who can truly accomplish ANY of these things, we lay our concerns at his feet and trust the outcome to Him.

- Please pray that God will use our baby to glorify his name, even while in the womb.

- That we will testify of God’s goodness before medical personnel we interact with

- When medical decisions arise, pray that we will have unique wisdom and discernment as the parents of this child and because we know the one who made them

- Pray for the will to fight fear and anxiety when opportunities arise

- Pray for discipline on our parts during this busy season, so that we will be in the word consistently and giving God the opportunity to renew our minds and refresh our hearts

- Pray that in our attempts to prepare, we will not fall into the illusion that we are in control

- Please pray that Stephanie will go into labor on her own on or before her 39 week induction date- it would be safer for mother and baby to go through a natural labor then an induction

-Pray for the strength to achieve a natural labor without narcotics this is also much safer in general- but specifically for our situation

- Please pray against having a c-section

- Pray that God would provide a supportive staff and the doctor of his choice for the labor & delivery

- Pray that the labor & delivery would truly be a time of worship for all involved

- Please pray for a lack of fear and anxiety associated with the labor & delivery in specific. Pray that God’s peace and nearness will be the rock on which we set our experience

- Pray for no future problem’s with the baby’s kidneys and/or complete healing in regards to the pelvic kidney

Here are some fun pics of the family just being the Joyner's. They are going to be some of the last ones with only 2 kiddos!

This just cracks me up.. pretty quirky... I don't know what this says about his home life

This boy loves his daddy

The boys are dressed up like cowboys for Haddon's 2yr dinner at my mom's house (not like they need an ecxuse to dress up like cowboys. THAT is a daily affair)

So what's next folks? another little cowboy or shall we be adding some pink to the household? Take a vote
And again, thanks for praying with us for our new little one!! We'll keep you in touch!


Christian said...
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Anonymous said...

Abba Father...I lift up baby Shepherd to you. I pray for clarity in his health problems and wisdom for the docs as they decide what to do. Grant Steph and Noah and the boys strength, comfort and peace as they travel through these unchartered waters. Lift them up on eagles wings; keep them snugly in your arms, surround them with your presence. Blessed be your name! You are faithful in all things! We celebrate the joy of this Easter and what it means in all of our lives. We thank you for your presence in us and your never failing love. Grantie Gail