Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know what we know. So far, the baby has done great in all the testing (Stress tests and ultra sounds every week). One of the major things was this past friday. They were able to check the baby's growth over the past three weeks and the baby was still around 10% for size. This is good because it shows the baby is growing even of their still small for their size. If at our 37 week appointment the baby drops in size , then they would have me deliver. Otherwise they will let me go to 39 weeks, which is a huge praise. 
God also answered our prayers in our meeting with one of the specialist last week. We saw the best doc on the team and she was a great communicator (what we had been praying for). She explained EXACTLY what they did and did not know and where they were coming from. 
What she expects to be the situations is that our baby is smaller than average. About 70% of babies who are smaller are just genetically small and will be smaller people but are perfectly healthy. I was 6lb 2oz at birth and all of Noah's family is small. If our baby stays in the same size range they expect them to be about 6lbs- so this would make perfect sense. The other 15% of small babies aren't receiving adequate nourishment from the placenta. This is when they would deliver the baby- because this puts you at greater risk of still birth. The last 15% is because of some genetic or chromosomal problem. This is not usually seen on ultra sound and can only be confirmed at delivery.
 She has every reason to believe we are in the 70% and the baby is just small. Of course God only knows the complete situation and we hope in Him. But we have been encouraged by our recent appointments.
The baby does have a birth defect associated with a 2 vessel cord, but it should not be too major. The baby has a pelvic kidney ( one is where it is supposed to be and when developed in the pelvic region). When the baby is born, there will be testing to make sure it is still functioning normally and we'll go from there.
So we will continue to go to our appointments and if nothing changes I will be induced some time around 39 weeks (april 9th -ish).
I will be posting a prayer list for the baby. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date. Thank you for your prayers

All the Joyners

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Terra Jones said...

Thank you for sharing this, Stephanie! You, your family, (including Baby Sweet Tea!) have been in my prayers and will continue to be!