Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary, Honey!!!

Happy Anniversary, My sweet man! Noah and I have been married for four years this October! And what a wonderful four years it has been. It was a busy week because Noah was preaching on Sunday , had gotten food poisoning early in the week and had two exams. But he still took a couple of hours to spend with me and celebrate. Ironically, I think it was our best Anniversary date yet. It involved dinner at a very fancy restaurant called "Jersey Mikes Sub's" which happens to be my favorite  place for sub sandwiches. Then, because it was so cold in the "restaurant, " we finished our meal in the car, where we just sat and talked about our marriage for a while. It was so wonderful to have a chance to discuss what God has been doing in our marriage, ways we can grow, ways we have seen each other grow, and to simply express our gratitude for each other. The rich experience of getting to know my husband more was so much better than any big gift or expensive meal.  So thank you, Noah, for taking the time out that I know you didn't have  and giving the energy I am sure you didn't feel to make me feel treasured and our marriage valued. I truly can't wait to be an old lady with you. As we learn to enjoy each other more and more every year God gives us, I can't imagine the depths and the fun we are to experience in this life. Thank you, my love, for choosing me.
An thank you to my sisters for so willingly watching your nephews  so that we could go out. You blessed our marriage more than you know.
And if anyone wants to see if God honored his sacrifice of study time to honor his wife, check out my favorite preacher's sermon from last Sunday. I think He did. 

 And as a side note, this picture is when we picked up the kids. How funny are Haddon's hands trying to get me to  pick him up?  And you can kinda see Baby #3 in their. yayy!

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