Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aslan's 3rd Bday

It started with breakfast at our favorite cheap place.
Then I made Aslan a T shirt with the iron on letters from Wal- Mart that said "Birthday Boy". I wanted him to stand out at the baseball game. He thought it was soo cool. Actually he suggested we also make him pants like that. There weren't any pants of his that I thought would be good for turning into a track suit;)
This was a special treat from a couple in our small group. The disguised themselves as the "berry fairy" and rang the doorbell and dropped this for him. It is filled with 2 pints of Strawberries, cool whip, and nutella. It is so sweet to see our friends love on our boys. He thought it was amazing, especially the card filled with confetti.
Look closely. Those are baseball cupcakes. I'm impressed
Well, this is the crew (minus uncle Bubba, who had to meet them there and Uncle Matt who couldn't be there) Yes Uncle Paul, Papa, Uncle Merl and daddy and all the oldest boys are on their way to a baseball game together. They had so much fun. Aslan got a  fowl ball, and returned home at 11pm sleeping in his daddies arms. What a Birthday! Thank you to all that love and care for him and set aside time to let him know it. We also had a real baseball bat at his party that everyone signed for him with a note. Sweet memories!

Just a reminder, mommas....You can make those Birthdays as special as you can and still simple, cheap, and about the memories.

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Anonymous said...

Such wonderful memories you guys make! Oh and I like the new look of your blog!