Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walk a mile in these shoes

Those close to our family, and many who are not close, know that we have gratefully accepted "government aid" in various forms at various seasons in our life. This is not something I  feel the need to hide. I marvel at God's goodness to us in providing through our governmental system. I thank Him that we live in a country that makes this possible. With a husband in ministry, and going to school full time, and a commitment as a family that I will be home with our children, we have been greatly blessed by these opportunities and provisions. Of this I am sure, we, along with many others work diligently in what God has asked us to do and still find ourselves in need of help. So I praise God at an opportunity for humility and wonder at His sovereign hand. And though I don't often feel exactly like the mother in the following post, I can relate to the unique struggles associated with  "needing help." For the most part we have found much support and understanding during this season in our life. There have also been some whose "dissapointment" or strong opinions at our choices gave my heart cause for sadness and a feeling of frustration. Let us all please remember that no one has the same set of circumstance, blessings or struggles. If we  all looked for evidences of God's mercy and provision in others lives half as fervently as we look for shortcomings, what an encouragement it would be. So, please check out this blog for a helpful walk in another mom's shoes. 

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