Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Salem Update

Our second and very  precious daughter, Salem Margaret Joyner was born on Sunday, March 9th at 1:24pm.   Salem is a reference to the Hebrew word for "peace" and Margaret is the name of one of our very favorite women, Noah's momma.

We are so grateful for everyones prayers and concern involving her arrival.  There is some personal and medical information surrounding her birth that we would prefer to keep personal, but we are so grateful for how many friends and family care about the details of our life and hers.
 Because of concern for Salem's safety, I had an emergency c-section.  
Noah, Salem, and I will all be staying at UNC for the next 10 days while Salem is admitted to receive a round of IV antibiotics for an infection I developed in the last days of my pregnancy and could have passed on to her. Mom and baby are both in good health and recovering well. We would love your prayers for our other children, who are currently staying with other family members. We miss them so much and are greatly looking forward to our  family's reunion. I have to stay with Salem to nurse her and Noah has to stay with me until I have recovered well enough from the surgery. We would also appreciate continued prayers for Salem's health and protection along with my recovery-ouch. This has been a draining few weeks leading up to her arrival and surrounding her birth but we have seen a constant and uplifting hand of mercy around us. It has often felt like chaos only to be revealed to be divine order. We have much to marvel at and hope to worship God well through this situation, wether we can make sense of the details or not. Thank you again for all of your concern on our behalf. 
Stephanie and the Joyners

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