Friday, October 19, 2012

Pertussis update


Just got back the result from my blood work and I indeed have an active case of pertussis (whooping cough). For some of you this is just an update and I'd love your prayers but for some it is because you've been hanging out with me for a month. They doubt I am still contagious, going on symptoms for a month now. But still suggest I stay away from immunocompromised, the elderly and infants. The symptoms will not be going away for at least a couple more weeks, making me feeling better before delivery a small miracle (but we can still pray!) If you have been around me in the past month much and have an infant in the home or have not had your children or self immunized with the  DTaP vacccine AND have anyone in your family showing signs of a bad cold, please be sure to contact your doctor and let them know that you have been exposed to someone with pertussis. There are varying opinions for how to treat this preventatively but I think it's best to MAKE THEM test you if there are any symptoms. Not just for treatment purposes but also so you know and won't be spreading it around. Sure wish they'd have known with me! For some reason, they have been hesitant in the pediatrician's offices locally to test my nieces and nephews, and even Shepherd, EVEN THOUGH he has serious medical history and a bad cough!  Some sites recommend completing a full round of the vaccine for children under 7, or perhaps antibiotics but again we've found them to be hesitant to do so. I don't know if they don't want to have to report to the CDC or what.
The symptoms for the first 2 weeks look just like a cold, making it difficult to diagnose and then turn into a violent cough for the next 4 weeks (with 4% of adult cases ending in cracked ribs, of that tells you anything about the cough). For infants under a year and the elderly they may have very few symptoms and just go straight to breathing difficulties.
I am going to be actively resting and praying for God's hand on all of this. The good news is baby is going to be more protected than most because they're getting my antibodies as I've been carrying them during the illness.
Again, SO SORRY for exposing anyone. I've been bugging them for weeks about this, knowing it didn't seem right (I thought a walking pneumonia or bronchitis) but no one thought to check me for pertussis because i didn't have the typical "whooping" to my cough, yet this is often not present in infants and adults infected. 
You can go here for more info
Hope this information is helpful!

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