Monday, April 30, 2012

Beach trip

Quick pictures from the beach last week.
Funny story about that..the beach and pictures.

As most of us with camera's would confirm, the importance of photos of your family vacation cannot be overrated.
Especially when you have grandparents and the like looking forward to pictures to share in the love.

Which is why it's  big problem when you, sooo proud of yourself for having gotten on the road on time and packing so minimally, realize at the rest stop halfway there, that you forgot the camera, ,or a camera of any kind, or a recording device of any kind,etc.
This is a problem.
We sat there in the rest stop parking lot wondering if we should turn around and drive home. What's a couple of hours to trade for pictures?
My husband wasn't convinced.
We decided on going back to the good ol' days and purchased...get this... a wind-up camera,you know the disposable ones?
At Walgreens, they will give you a digital cd from the camera. 
So allllll of the above pictures were taken by snapping, then reek,reek,reek,winding, then snapping....
I cannot be held entirely responsible for the weird lighting.
But to be honest, I was surprised at how good they came out. Maybe we don't need to take 500 digital shots to get 5 good ones... who knows?
There will be more pictures to come when I can figure out what to take 5 more pictures of to be able to rewind the other camera I bought.
The whole vacation in 50 pictures?
It's possible.
At least it was 10 years ago:)

When I get the other shots, I'll share how amazing our trip was.
For now,these cover the beach out front of the resort, which was wayyyy tooooo cold to swim at but perfect for digging in sand and making obstacle courses for our remote control cars.
And our favorite ice cream place, Calabash creamery. 
Yeah, those are the cow pictures.
 In fact I have a picture of Aslan as a baby on the very same cow on Noah and I's first anniversary vacation to Sunset Beach.
I'll try finding that for the next post...
for ya go.

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