Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 AM tomorrow...

I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet.
hardy har har.
I know.
But I've got a big day tomorrow and I am just hoping that my new niece wants to stay in warm,beautiful, momma belly through the night.

Any time after noon tomorrow should work just fine little lady.
But if not,I may have very little sleep and a timing issue on my hands.
But why am I complaining?
It's not like I have to push a baby out into the world.
But this marvelous woman will very,very soon.
And I have to admit I have kind of hated the timing of all of this.
I wish my gorgeous sister didn't have to share the arrival of her daughter with the hospitalization of her nephew.
She has been so gracious, loving on me and my boys while she is due any day.
She is beautiful, in so many ways.

If I were Queen of the world and could plan these things, I would say, I am SO SORRY,sis.
But I know that you know that,
I am not.
And we shall trust God's timing on this thing together, shall we?

There have been a number of times since arriving at the Emergency room on Saturday that we have wondered why exactly we were still being kept at the hospital.
But this morning I got word that we were going home!
So I wearily but hopefully drove into Chapel Hill to bring my family home.
Noah and I had switched off duties the day before(Noah in the hospital,me at home with the older boys)
I decided that what we needed was a picnic.
My poor albino child has not seen the light of these GORGEOUS Fall days!
(He's not really albino. I jokingly said that then thought..it is Shepherd)
He can't even leave his room and walk around.
He just has to play games with the blinds, pulling them up and down and watching the constructions crews down below.
So a picnic it was.

Soon after I arrived, one of the ENT doctors came by to inform us that he highly recommended we NOT go home but instead stay on and get tubes in Shep's ears tomorrow.
This whole tubes in ears thing has really thrown us.
It's the kid's first ear infection for heaven's sake.
But after a LOT of questions and much bullying on our part, we feel confident this is the best thing for Shep.
Though we went into the hospital because of Respiratory distress(that can now officially be blamed on the adno virus)
He has stayed on, because of that incident 2 weeks ago(where Shep lost his balance from an ear infection)
Apparently, even after sending us home last time, the airway team has continued to talk about their concern for Shepherd and his loss of balance and infection of the "mastoid."
I now know that the mastoid is a honeycomb shaped bone that is part of the skull and near the ear.
They were planning on calling us to check on him at home, but well, we came to them:)
And upon our arrival,it was confirmed that this "mastoid infection" still remained.
AND upon another 4 days of IV antibiotics this hospital trip,
it still remains!
We can send him home and hope it goes away on it's own,risking things like the spreading of infection to the brain and loss of hearing...
Or he can get tubes put in tomorrow and it will drain the puss from his ears and also give us the option of directly putting antibiotic drops that are 10,000x stronger than oral antibiotics into his ears.
So we chose that option.
But I'll admit, not easily.
Our experience,especially with Shep, is that nothing is simple.
Nothing is cut and dry and he is always in the minority.
true story?
I'm hating this.
And really quite afraid for tomorrow.
NO matter how minimal it may be.
Will you pray with us for tomorrow?

**Shepherd has this virus which is causing him lots of coughing.
This will put him at greater risk during the anesthesia process for having bronchiospasms.
Please pray for protection from this.
**Please pray that we will have peace during the surgery. We've waited through too many surgeries with Shepherd, not knowing if we would have him on the other side. That even small surgeries take us to uncomfortable places.
***Please pray there will not be any complications.period.
If this doesn't work to clear this problem up, there are other, less pleasing options ahead.
He's on the books for 10am tomorrow. It should take 10-15 minutes once he's under anesthesia. We will then stay overnight and prayerfully go home by Thursday.
We're stinkin' tired.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm ready to push the "easy" button.

But I am also very grateful for the care and protection of God through the hands of skilled doctors and an all too familiar hospital.
And my little guy?

He's downright amazing.
He has endured so much pain and pokes and prods and intermuscular injections....I lost you,didn't I?
The point is he has the most remarkable personality and
basically just rocks our world, along with his courageous brothers,
who bear being away from mommy and daddy and just keep giving,just keep loving,keep laughing...I can't believe I get these people as friends, as children.
So, when I went up to the hospital today,
I brought Shepherd up some necessities.
Things like suction catheters,underwear, pajamas, and dragon suits.
Just the basics.
You know.

Must haves.

Don't you agree?
Completely necessary.
Oh, and if you've never seen a mute child roar like a dragon,
you've not lived.

Thank you for praying with us...
I am going to bed and maybe I'll sleep through the night.
Maybe I will spend the night coaching my sister through the birthing process.
Always an adventure...

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