Monday, August 1, 2011

Sitting in the waiting room at UNC.
We go back at 12:30.
Shep hasn't had anything to eat since yesterday evening and nothing to drink for about 12 hours.
He is tired and hungry, but no one else would ever know it...
unless being adorable is a symptom.

Being on the 2nd floor of this children's hospital always has strong feelings for me.
But some times it is stronger than others.
I think the fact that he hasn't been here for any procedures in over a year may be part of why it has kind of surprised me...
but I feel nervous.

And I hate the way this place smells.
And sounds.
And that adorable,chiming, giant pinball machine in the cafeteria...
holds so many memories of a different time and place.
Hate that thing.
And reminded of how much I don't want to ever go back "there."

They just took him back to the OR.
He was crying and signing "mimi"
but doing well.
The ENT surgeon thinks there is a good chance they will try to get rid of the scar tissue with a laser today.
We'll see what happens.
He's done good with anesthesia with all of the previous surgeries,
but it always makes me nervous.
I'll let you know when we know something.

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