Friday, February 11, 2011

Our guest

Tonight people gather in a living room not far away and listen to a man beaten down with life, filled up with life, speak of a place he loves, children he loves, a God he loves and a Saviour who loves him. And it never grows old to me. His life worn, pain smoothed words that speak of hope and redemption fill me with just that. I can hear him speak of pain, impossibility, love and forever sacrifice all day and all night and still I see the same thing…my Saviour and my God. And I am always reminded that my God is big enough to love the whole world well and most definitely big enough to love this silly girl.

When Noah came back from Haiti a week ago, he brought a very special friend with him. Our dear friend, Pastor Willio Joseph from Haiti, joined the team heading back to the states. He will stay here for 2 weeks, meeting with, talking with, and sharing with others his great love and compassion for the children and for Haiti.

It is a great honor to share this journey of the Christian life with friends such as these.

My boys have learned Haitian children's games and songs, played lots of soccer, and I'm pretty sure they will have to be comforted for days after uncle Willio leaves to go back to Haiti.

It has been a wonderful treat. Even if he does think he will die of hypothermia with his Caribbean blood in my apparently "freezing" house.

I know that we keep our thermostat at budget level, but poor Willio has resorted to wearing gloves and ear muffs while simply hanging out in the living room. It is really cracking me up.

But what can I say? The man is willing to sacrifice anything to get the word out that there are 43 children and a small island in the Caribbean that needs the rest of the worlds help.

I'll see if I can keep him from losing any major limbs to frost bite, at least.

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