Saturday, January 8, 2011

I like...

So, you want the good news first?
Or do you want the bad news first?

The bad news? Alright. You asked for it.
The bad news is that the adorable little guy in the above photo is currently hospitalized for a nasty case of RSV and a viral pnuemonia :( I'd add a little tongue sticking out but I don't know how. SO :(
Shep was admitted 2 days ago and has been either sleeping, or crying, or coughing, or throwing up since...all while on Oxygen. He really isn't feeling well, though today we noticed a marked improvement. He as been SO lethargic and is literally sleeping about 20 hours out of the day and the rest are filled with respiratory junk. He was given fluids through an IV yesterday and another today, giving him back some energy-like say, enough to lay there and watch "signing Time" videos instead of just lay there. Yeah, but it's something.
Between his slow recovery and the possible snow/ice storm headed our way for the weekend...I'm not sure what it's all gonna look like, but here we are.
And though we do not like being sick and in the hospital.
We are trusting God and thinking about the many things in life that we do like.
Say.... like
The new puppy we got the boys for Christmas.

Ok. So the dog isn't yet on the top of my like list but I'm going to give it time.
She is still a puppy, therefore, she falls into the relational category of "taker" more than "giver." And I find myself generally not to be a fan of things, ahem, did I say things, that take more than they give. But seeing how I fully intend to focus her intelligence and intense energy towards activities like cleaning the joke...
I do like her.
Ok, so also don't like Shep chillin in the kennel anymore than I like Haddon, as a toddler, chillin in the chicken coop. What? Did I say, chicken coop? I mean, ewwwwww.
But this is cute. I must admit.
Cute enough for me to run and grab my camera before snatching him out of the kennel.

Speaking of which, the older Shepherd gets,
the more situations he finds himself in...
Or shall I say I find him in, like the one above.
He really does like popcorn.

We like making wings and Sangria to celebrate Daddy's birthday

We like to make and eat Christmas cookies together

We really like to make and drink Lattes together on cold days...
Ok, so, by together I mean, after the kids go down for a nap
I enjoy a latte.
Does anyone else enjoy photographing food as much as I do?
I frequently have to keep myself from taking pictures of everything I eat and drink and it takes even more restraint to keep from showing them all to you. Cause, seriously, who cares what I ate today?
But it sure is purdy.

There is someone who may care. And she lives half way around the world. And I REALLY LIKE her.
Yeah, my sissy.
I like 'er.
So, for Christmas, I made her cards she could open every day through the month of December, that would remind her how beautiful and wonderful and overall amazing I think she is.

Speaking of being overall amazing.
Speaking of people I like...or Love.
There is always... Them.
Sure Shep's in the hospital.
But I really can't complain.


Millie said...

Aww, I hope Shep is better soon and you guys can go home. Love the pics!! My 4 year old loves to get in the dog crate too. lol :)

Miranda said...

Loved reading this...those precious boys! Made my heart ache for kisses from Shep. I miss you! And I'm enjoying and SAVORING those cards my dear one...they aren't a "read one a day" cards. Their too precious and filled with wisdom to breeze through ma lady...lifting you guys up....LOVE YOU!!!!!

Miranda said...

AND for the record: I totally care about what you eat and's part of our insane and obsessed relationship as best friends and sisters :) Love you.

Lynn said...

Praying that Shep gets well real soon :)