Saturday, December 11, 2010

We've been enjoying the holidays over this way. We had a slow Thanksgiving and enjoyed simplicity. Noah had just got back home from Haiti the week before so we took the opportunity to savor the company of each other and the quiet.

It may have been so quiet because my mom is giving my toddler champagne.
You're right.
She would never.
It's just water.
But you must looks suspicious.
But what didn't look suspicious...
is this pair of delectable chicks, prepared by my delectable man
for Thanksgiving.

Also delectable...
this guy
taking all the festivities in stride
in a basket

And these guys
each taking turns
putting the star atop the Christmas tree
This is going to get MUCH harder when
A)they hit their teens.
But I'm sure Noah will be able to lift them up their for quite some time:)

B) we continue to have more children.
Can't you just see it now?
"Ok, well done (take star back down)
"Next!" (next child puts star atop tree in ceremonial fashion)
"perfect" (take start down)
and on and on....
C) Everyone takes turns yearly...
also a problem with many children.
"The last time I put the star on the tree, I was 10 years old, and look at me now, in my twenties."'s problematic.
We'll survive:)
And speaking of survival...ok well maybe not survival at all,
but definitely a good laugh...
I thought you'd all enjoy this moment I recently encountered
"What is this?" you may ask.
No worries, I don't expect you to know...unless your kid has a trach.
You see this little "tin man from wizard of oz" thing on his head is a humidifier that is supposed to go around his neck while he naps to keep his trach secretions moist,blah,blah,blah
He was supposed to be napping. Instead he tried taking all his equipment off and got his trach mist collar stuck at his ears.
I came in to see him like this.
So I rushed to relieve him from all discomfort....
well, almost.
I rushed to grab my camera, take a good pic, THEN relieve him from his discomfort.
I think he's funny, that one.
The quirky things that take place when your 20 month old has a trach. For sure, his peers will not have similar baby pictures.

AND...great news you have all been waiting for...Willio and Chrismen had their...surprise...little girl, NOT boy, this morning in Haiti. Everything appears to have gone well, but please keep them in your prayers. It appears the ultrasound technicians misread the gender...a few times...and the due a month. But anyways. Baby is here. We are grateful.

And be looking for a post VERY soon with some great info on our fundraising for the adoption:)
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