Friday, February 26, 2010

headed to Haiti

It has long been a passion of Noah and I's heart to take the opportunities given to us to care for those in need. We have a great love for the beautiful people who struggle in areas all around our world. There are people far, far away from where we live, speaking a different language than us, raised in a different culture than us, but loved by the same God as us. And the best way we know to show them that is be going to them and literally being God's hands and feet, bringing them good news and showing them good news by serving them.
These pictures are from about 5 years ago when Noah and some other guys from our family went on a trip to Thailand post-Tsunami.
They spent time rebuilding and loving on the folks there any way they could. And as is usual, the folks there spent time loving on them as well. From what I understand, the people there were absolutely delightful, just bursting with joy and full of hospitality.
Don't let the picture below decieve you. Though I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time, and I spent my days with my mom and sister lazily floating around Mimi's pool in Vegas.....I would have given almost anything to be there with Noah. And not just because I feared I would give birth to my first child while my hubby was in Thailand.
I can't think of anything better than traveling to another country and getting to experience the diversity of God's creation while simultaneously learning about your weaknesses and God's strength. The joy of holding a little one who's life has been filled with poverty, looking into their eyes, and trying to do all you can to infuse hope. Most of the fullest moments in my life are those when I was given the opportunity to pour love out on those whom the world has deemed unworthy. On those who have otherwise grown convinced that God has forgotten them. These are the voices that call out to me in the day to day of middle class suburbia.

And so Noah and I are trying always to keep our eyes and ears open. To keep our hearts open and our hands and feet ready to act when an opportunity arises to do just this.

Most recently this has come in the form of an opportunity for Noah to go to Haiti. Since the quake, we have been praying as a family that God would bring an opportunity to serve the Haitian people. He has answered and a friend of ours who has worked with Hope Givers International in Haiti for about 2 years previous to the quake, has invited Noah and some others to join him in building a water filtration system, providing solar power, while also providing some food. This entire project will cost about $5,000 to accomplish. If you would like to take part in giving please do so through HERE. Once at the site, go to MEMBERS, then GIVING, then choose TYPE YOUR OWN and put in Noah's name along with the project.
Currently, it is costing the orphanage about $1 a gallon to buy clean water. The goal is to provide them with both power and water sources. If you want to take a closer look at the system, you can here. Noah leaves in 2 weeks, and we are SOOO excited for this opportunity. If you to have been looking for a practical way to help those suffering in Haiti, also, please consider helping us with the funds for purchasing what is needed to bring clean water, power and food to a place providing for orphans in Haiti.

When Noah went to Thailand he had the great joy of sharing this experience with my dad and brother in law (above). This same brother in law is headed with his family(my sister and their three young children) to live halfway across the world and do this for a living for many years. And I'm only a little (insanely) a good way.

But this time around, things are getting a little crazier.
Yes, the Joyner gang is headed to Haiti...together! Noah and his two brothers will be making up the majority of the team.
Very Cool.
Watch out Haiti. They're coming!
And contrary to the picture, The Joyner's are all carpenters and electricians. No worries.


Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Oh that is awesome!! I can't wait to hear the stories. Thanks Joyners for going and loving on the Haitians!

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

By the way, that picture of the Joyner Boys is priceless. :)