Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The New far

So I got a new camera for Christmas.....

I've got a LONG way to go but I'm having so much fun. It doesn't hurt that 3 beautiful little people live with me and give me ample opportunity to capture beautiful moments...or at least try.

As you can see, Shep has taken up running marathons- thus the "Pumba" track suit.
Ok, well maybe not marathons, but he's 'army crawling' all around the house, causing me to run at least 1/2 marathon's to keep up.
He was recently evaluated by his physical therapist and he passed ALL of his physical goals set up for him when he came home at 2 months. So proud of you, my man.
Your strong.
Don't forget it!

In case you don't see it clearly, can I just point out what his outfit says? Yes that is,
"Chicks dig scars"
I mean seriously, even if it weren't on clearance @ Target, I'd have had to get it.
P.S. Your scars are per-fec-to, my dear boy. They are part of your perfect body, made by a perfect God, who wrote you a beautiful story.
Sometimes I can't believe that the same spots I cringed to see on my tiny baby, the same open wounds, so fragile, now get tickled and kissed on a daily basis.

In other Shepherd news, he really is learning so much right now. He's gaining weight, though still smaller than other 10 month olds. We are starting to do sign language with him and he's picking up quick.
Our last cardiology appointment was remarkably encouraging. You may or may not remember a couple blog entries in May of last year, that were typed during the time of his cath procedure. The first was the day before his risky cath.

- Lord, you know how small and weak my faith is. You know how afraid I am . I am so grateful that your actions toward us , toward Shepherd, are not based on the amount of faith I can muster up. Please help me not to muster. I know I don't have to be a strong mommy. I can be a fearful mommy and you will still be just as near, nearer. And that I ask of you, that I beg of you. Please show me your nearness so brilliantly that I can face tomorrow confidently. Please remind me that you, who hold each star in place every moment of every day will be there in that cath lab holding my son.

The second was short and to the point, and written through tears and trepidation as we waited in a small waiting room surrounded by family...

- Please pray. The doctor just came to get us to tell us that they will need to do the surgery. Not only that but it's in a much more dangerous area than they expected and the risk is much greater than before. If the aorta tears, he will not survive it. Please pray that God will hold his aorta together and protect him.

Then, hours later, this post

They just came out to tell us he made it through the surgery. Thank you Lord, for bringing our son through one more surgery safely. You are to be praised. The doc said that it was mildly successful. The part that they stretched out can act like a rubber band and tighten back down, though. Please pray that the same hands that hold the water in it's place will hold his aorta open. The hope is that this will buy him time to get strong (3-6 months). At that time, they will have to do open heart surgery because of the location of the narrowing and how large an area it is. Please pray that the next few months he can recover well and gain weight to prepare him well for the next BIG surgery.We'll get to see him soon. Thank you for praying.

Well, God answered these prayers.

At his last appointment, they noticed significant growth for Shepherd's heart, specifically the narrowed portion that they ballooned during the cath. So... it is growing with him. This is, BY Far, the best case scenario for this situation. So much so that they didn't schedule our next appointment for 2 more months and thought I don't place my hope in it, they used phrases like "If things keep going this way, I'm hopefully he'll never need anything done to his heart."

Good stuff. God stuff.

Airway wise, we'll try de-canulation again May 06, 2010. I'll share more of my thoughts on this in the next novel/post. For right now, were just living in a cave, eating healthy, being proactive about everyones health and trying to keep Shepherd from illness. He has acquired 2 cold viruses so far and 2 trach infections but has done relatively well with both. It is very high maintenance but we have kept him out of the hospital. Praise be to God.



In other news........

Warning: when you attempt to look at your dragon's tongue, you may go cross-eyed

and your mom may take advantage of the situation-

by using her new camera.

Haddon attempts to recreate a scene out of "Crocodile Dundee"
He seriously was carving a piece of wood with a plastic knife-at a public park.

There is no question, this is my favorite picture thus far of the boys with cousins.
For MANY reasons.

But this is a close second. Mostly because of the creepy kid on the far left.
Someone tell his mother to quit making light of his thug-like tendencies.

And last but Ohhhhh, not least......
The ladies in our backyard have started making us breakfast every morning.


Chaotic Beauty said...

Your pics are beautiful!!

Team Reed said...

Wow, your new camera takes REALLY good pictures! I am also so thankful that you have documented this journey with Shep and have these prayers and older posts to look back on and praise God for His faithfulness to hear our cries and answer in His perfect way and timing. So thankful to hear such a great report on Shep's heart!! And, may I just say, it cracks me up that you refer to your chickens as "the ladies". I love you girl!!