Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I just wanted to take a minute to point out the new buttons I have added on the sidebar to the right. I can hardly keep up with regular blogging much less the organizational details, but finally, here are some reminders to pray for some beautiful babies. I can't describe what it was like to have some of these folks praying for us during Shepherd's stay in the hospital.
The little man has handled his first cold like a champ, by the grace of God. But this morning, I am having to suction him like every couple of minutes, his secretions are so much. So for right now I'm holding him (in my AMAZING K'TAN SLING, which I finally got a button for. If your interested in teething bling or a K'tan sling, please go there through my button. That way I get referral points) while he sleeps. With all this junk, I wouldn't feel comfortable putting him in his crib, and this way I can suction easily every few minutes. We are waiting to hear back from the cultures we sent out yesterday to make sure it's just a common cold, but know Haddon and I have picked up a new cough. Thanks for continuing prayers. God's hand and provision has been SO clear.
Well, I won't be getting much "done" today but it sure could be a lot worse! This beautiful baby snuggled in my arms? Yeah, I like my job.

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