Monday, August 3, 2009

By the GRACE OF GOD, I was able to get up a little bit earlier than usual the morning, make a cup of tea -how distinguished am I ? not very. Trust me. - and sit down with my bible.

Heres a gem from the study I am starting through 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles.
Kay Arthur writes:
"Have you ever desired something so strongly that you felt you would be ill without it? Have you ever wanted a relationship with someone so badly that you thought you would die if you couldn't have it?
Oh, to long with that same intensity for a personal relationship with the living God! To be willing to pay the price to know Him by spending time in His word, for there you learn His ways and His character! How pleasing this would be to our God, for He longs deeply to have you know Him, to understand His heart, to walk in His ways."

My most recent experience of the kind of longing indicated above is, of course, my experience with our precious Shepherd.
I think of the intensity which I yearned to experience life with him. At times I only dared to hope that I could do the most simple and mundane things with him. I think of how strongly I craved nearness to him.
Does my heart now long for nearness to my Saviour with such intensity? Has it ever? Will it ever?
I can only pray for a heart like this. I can only hope that God will place in me this heart, so foreign to my nature and yet so natural to who I was made to be, who we were all made to be - worshippers of God. 

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Ana Lisa said...

Good thoughts, thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you got to share a cup of tea with our Father.
I miss our talks over tea!!