Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bdays and Weddings

Well, for our week in review... see below.
It began with a lingerie shower for my 62 year old mother-in-law. THAT there is no pictures of... if you know what I mean.
Kind of.

Then.... was my eldest's 4 year birthday. Not birthday party. We were too busy with wedding stuff for that. That's next weekend. But we had a great BIRTHday just spending time together. 
As indicated above, Aslan got to start his day off with a waffle with chocloate chips melted in top. This is rare enough in our house to elicit the face in the photo above. (Even if it was a whole wheat waffle and the chocolate chips were 60% cocao) Anyways.
We then got to go to the pool with my sisters and their kids, which  was SO great. It was the first time I ventured to the pool with all three kids (and our nurse, of course. How ambitious do you think I am?!) and it turned out feeling just like summer should feel. 
Hot, exhausting, refreshing, all at the same time.
We then skipped naps.. and moved right on to enjoying Aslan's gift from Mimi, which he picked out, a swip and swide- otherwise known as a sLip and sLide.
There aren't any pictures of these events because a)I'm not much for posting pics of myself in a swimsuit and b) the swip and swide is cheap so it only really works when the boys were butt naked and we doused it in dish soap c) I don't post pictures of ANYONE naked. 

After our delightful day outside, just bein 4, Daddy took us to Red Robin and Aslan enjoyed way more Freckled Lemonade than any one child should consume in one evening/ year.

All in all, it was  a GREAT day. I am so grateful to call that 4 year old mine.

That 4 year old AND that 2 year old. Why? Just feast your eyes on this precious moment (speaking of which they should make a precious moments figurine of THIS moment. I'd buy it)
Haddon had woken up cranky after his nap and I told Aslan to go love on him to make him feel better. awwwwwwww.
but for the last time

I will definetely follow up with some more pics and hopefully the video from the wedding, but it was UNBELIEVABLE!

Shepherd thought so... enough to make sure I dressed him in the wedding colors.

It was a great week and now we are going to recover.. and sleep.. maybe.

Please be praying for Shep's appointments this Thursday at UNC. He will see the pulmonary folks about his trach and we'll hopefully schedule a bronch for August. He'll also see the folks about his pelvic kidney.

I have also been meaning to share a very special prayer request with you all.
There's a family at UNC that we met while up there and I am asking any of you who know Jesus personally to be praying for a miracle on their behalf. We happen to know that they DO happen, don't we?
They are staying up at the RMH and have been there about 5 months now. Their 11 year old was perfectly healthy when he began slurring his speech, blanking out and having horribly violent seizures. He was brought in and has continued to deteriorate over the months. They have done every test they know to do and still have NO IDEA what is wrong with him but he is literally wasting away.  He is in the PICU, does not eat and won't last much longer if they don't find out what's wrong.
Please, PLEASE pray with me. Those doctors are only human and DO NOT have infinite knowledge, but if you know the one who DOES, please pray that he will reveal it to them so that this sweet boy may be healed to the Glory of God. 
Without God's help there is no chance, but our God is so merciful and so good.
Please pray with me.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your apt. today, and for the family you mentioned. Your boys are so beautiful! and you are a beautiful mother!!