Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Funny story.
Aslan and I decide to go on a date today because very sadly, Haddon is sick, and the docs think he shouldn't be near Shep till we know it's not the flu. Soooooo, while Haddon is dating Mimi- Aslan is dating me, and we went to have tea and read "The Boxcar Children" together.
On the way there, I see a fairly large turtle on the side/middle of the road. Normally, I would yell, "Look!" then just keep driving, but since I was remarkably unencumbered, I flipped a u, pulled over, got my 4 year old out of the car and made our way swiftly down the sidewalk to see the turtle up close and personal. 
On our way up the sidewalk, though, cars continued to have the nerve to DRIVE on the ROAD, only narrowly missing CRUSHING the turtle right in front of our eyes. One car literally drove over the turtle but somehow just missed crushing it with it's tires. 
Our little nature observation came this close to being a roadkill observation. 
THAT would have been very traumatizing to me and my three year old, not to mention bad date material, so I am glad to say we were spared.
What we did see was a good samaritan- not us, we just wanted to gawk and point- stop his car in the middle of the road, get out and carry the turtle across the road. And heres the best part. 
The whole way across the road, the turtle was peeing.. all... over.. our good samaritan. 
It was a good date. Oh, and how else should a mother of boys take her son to tea? We had to fit in some boy stuff, too.
Anyhow, this is a picture of Aslan talking to me on the way there.

BIIG NEWS!!!!!! What is missing from this picture???????????????????????????????
AN NG TUBE!!!!!!
Today we said good -bye since our little man is gobbling down about 100mL  in his feedings, by bottle!!!
it's the first time since his birth he's been without one.
People who have held Shep this week.......
Nurse Shelbie
And dear Leah- holding 2 babies

Eating at Bojangles on Father's Day with my cowboys
Pre- Annual summer Mohawk
Post Annual Summer mohawk

And just cause I love food

Father's Day dinner

Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus- our new favorite lunch
A Homemade Strawberry Shortake for my daddies coming home party


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you post pictures! Your family is beautiful.

TinaOglesby said...

I am still lurking on your blog and love to see that your baby son is progressing so well. I am all to familiar with coarcs and stinky recoarcs. I am sure you realize our coarc babies ( well my baby is 14 now) are so blessed to be around where the technology to care for them is improving almost daily. Gray had a stent placed in his transverse aortic arch last year at Children's Boston by an amazing pediatric interventional cardiologist Dr. James Lock. Gray's heart needed help again and another surgery was going to be very complicated and very high risk. Our doctor in Atlanta consulted with him and we even flew to Boston to visit him before I would schedule anything. I wanted to talk to him without Gray so I could hear the good and the bad about what he thought he could do. I would have sent this as a private message so it wouldn't be on your wall but I cant figure out how!
Your story has really hit close to home because of what all I have been through with my oldest and I like reading about how your Sheppard is improving.
Blessings from a stranger in GA. tina