Friday, May 1, 2009

What a very sad day. 
Today, Reed's family said good bye to their perfect little gift from Heaven. I don't know any details. I have tried to give them space to grieve as privately as possible when in the hospital. Please pray for this family. My heart is just so broken, imagining the grief they are knowing now. While life around the PICU goes on somewhat like usual, one family has lost a piece of themselves that they will not ever gain back... in this life. Oh, isn't life terrible sometimes. 
And isn't God good.
And  somehow that is at the same time.
How I long for the day when we will only know and only experience the goodness of God and no longer the weight of sin.
My heart is very heavy today for these dear friends of ours from our time here. Lord, please show me how to love them well. Even in silence.

And while people we have grown to care for have lost their precious baby, just a few doors down, our boy fights on. And I truly find it difficult to rejoice. All I can think is that while I am grateful, another family has lost their invaluable treasure.  

Please read this chapter out of the book, "Suffering and the Sovereignty of God." I think it's one of the BEST excerpts I have ever read on grief. Please read it, even if your not a reader. You'' be blessed.
I'll write more later. Shepherd is doing well. Here are some pics from today.

A mobile his aunty Mel made him. The nurses are very impressed. I think Shep is too.
Look at how much closer to normal he is looking. We cheated a little and took his humidifier off for the glamour shot.
Aren't these precious?

Red headed mailman?


Anonymous said...

He is just the cutest thing. I would love to give him a little squeeze. ;)
Praying for each of you and Reed's family.
Peace be with you.

KR said...

May God comfort Reed's family. Weeping with them.

Shepherd is so beautiful...such a glory to God.

Greene family said...

Your baby is soooo precious! What a beautiful litle boy!

Praying for Reed's family! So sad for them! Praying for your wisdom in how best to love them!

Christie said...

Stephanie, he is so beautiful!!!!!!! I love him!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, he's sooo cuuute, Oh, he's soooo cuuute....(in the voice of little girl squeals)...I am leaving this comment on behalf of my girls. This was their reaction when they saw the pictures of baby Shepherd.

We are praying for you all as well as Reed's family.
The Vahala's

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Oh, my heart is undeniably heavy for Reed's family. Gah. Terrible. Such awful news. I'll be praying.

Shepherd looks so healthy!! Yay Jesus! He looks like Noah to me in the eyes. And the red-headed mail man comment made me smile. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the glamour shot... next time with his little fist under his chin?


- Carolina

Kathy said...

My God comfort that family. We lost our 15 month old nephew in November, and the pain is so strong, but God has been to faithful through it.

Thank you for sharing that on suffering..

Always love coming here to see that precious little guy. He's perfect.

Prayers from our family to yours.