Monday, May 4, 2009

I am watching Shepherd sleep. His pacifier spit out in front of him, and completely breathing room air. How great. 
They're going to re-introduce feeds today in a very small amount so we should know pretty soon wether or not his chylothorax has sealed up enough to withstand feeds. Pray it does!!! of course your going to pray it does, do I really need to ask?
Anyway, besides that, there isn't much new news. I won't bore you with the medical details. I'll save that for the next post.

Please be praying for Reid's family today. Noah and I will be driving to Clinton to go to his funeral this afternoon. My heart just breaks. As I go about my day, doing "normal" things, I sometimes just stop and wonder what they are doing. And I know the answer is they are grieving. Isn't it hard to grasp that as we go about out lives people all over the world are experiencing such immense pain. I have always found it so difficult to grasp that idea, that reality. I do now and really always have found it difficult to disconnect myself from other's suffering. It's not just someone elses. These are people, people just like you and I facing the unbearable. 
What can we do? What should we do to comfort the hurting? How can we bring the beauty and light of the nearness of God into dark places? I don't really know. 
But I know I want to.


Mom2Valerie said...

What a great day for your little Shepherd! I have been praying for him and am so excited to hear he is doing so well.

I will certainly be praying for the other sweet family you mentioned. I can't even imagine...

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on struggling to grasp the concept of how many people around the world are grieving unimaginable losses, as I go about my day thinking about such trivial things, but I can say that I know that through my own family's loss of a child, we became better, stronger, and trusted God more fully, and I most certainly appreciate life and relationships so much more fully now. As much as it hurts, we have to praise God anyway for the bigger picture, and the fact that he is sovereign even over the pain.
I'm so glad Shepherd is doing well, and hoping that he gets to keep eating so he can grow and get stronger!
Love you guys!

Carrie said...

Please feel free to give them my information if you think there is any way I can help them! We love you guys!