Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You, Jesus

Shepherd is out of surgery. We can see him in 30 minutes or so. Everything went great. Praise God for a successful surgery. He just started to come around and he is moving his legs, so there is no paralysis!! I'll let you know more when we know it. The next step is making sure he stays stable. He is going to be under anesthesia for a couple of days and there are all kinds of details about his recovery that they have to watch closely for the next week. But we are so grateful for God's goodness. We are so undeserving of his kindness. I pray we continue to trust him with each step forward. More later. Right now I am truly exhausted. And grateful. Exhausted and grateful. Please pray for our rest tonight. We plan to have dinner, then go to the RMH early and getting to bed early so we can be up and back around 5a. Please pray that we rest peacefully knowing that God is STILL protecting Shepherd. Is thank you for your prayers possibly enough? no. But thank you for your prayers. thank you. thank you

**** I have yet to decide if I'll post pictures of Shepherd post-op, it might be a little scary. We'll see. But here are some from this morning.

We got their really early this morning and he had just had a bath and had his eyes open- a real rarity. We haven't seen his eyes in like 3 days so it was a great way to start a tough day.

This is a picture from this morning. We got to get there early and hold him since he was going into the OR today.


Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so glad he is doing well. i can't wait to come visit you guys. Avery and I prayed hard all day! Please continue to let Allyson know if you need anything at all-she is doing a wonderful job keeping our small group updated! Love you guys and can't wait to come love on Shepherd!


Kelly Robinson said...

Glory to God. Will keep praying for God's mighty hand to uphold his beating, beautiful heart. I pray you get rest.
Sharing in gratitude,
K Robinson

Casey Chappell said...

Man, it's hard knowing your fears and knowing what that feels like. I'm crying tears of just release and gratefulness for His tender mercies towards your baby and your family.
I'm so sorry you're having to go through this pain. But you are so right God is so good. UNC was wonderful to us and I know there are nurses who are believers up there who prayed for us and I know they are praying for your little one.
God fashioned the heart amazingly and I'm so amazed at the hands of surgeons He equipped to go in and take part of that creation.
Please know you are close to my heart right now.
I love you guys.
Casey (and Dan)

Larissa said...

so thankful! we will be praying this evening for you all! many blessings and much thankfulness to Him who gives his grace soooooo abundantly!!

Larissa Douglas

Melissa Pearce said...

OH praise God! I am so so glad to hear this wonderful news. I pray you have some sweet rest tonight. Love you guys.

Rainbow said...

God is good! continued prayer for his road to healing.

SteveC said...

Hi, Shepherd!

It is good to hear that you came through OK! You've still got a long way to go, but you can do it; you've got a lot of people plus your Mom and Dad pulling for you!

Adventures of a Funky Heart!

Sarah said...

Thank you, Jesus!!!!! I'm SO happy to hear this!! Wow. God is so good.

Crystal Elmore said...

Stoked to hear everything went well! I've been thinking of you and praying for you all day. Now get some rest! :) We love you guys. Can't wait to see you and your newest little man again!

Kathy said...

Praise God. Our little family was in prayer for that precious little guy.

My middle son is a "Shepherd." A great name.:-)

Praise Him for this precious life.

Continuing to lift you all up!

The Lytle Family said...

Noah and Stephanie, we are SO thankful that the surgery went well. You guys have been constantly in our prayers. We'll be praying for little Shepherd's recovery.

Tori said...

Praise the Lord!! Oh, He is so good!
We are so happy to hear the great news!!!!! :)
We will continue to pray for a quick and healthy recovery! And rest & peace for you!
Let us know if you need anything.
Love to you,
The Bulman Family!

Greene family said...

Praise the Lord!! Praying for little Shepherd's recovery and for sweet sleep for mom and dad.

Jillian said...

so happy to hear that he is doing well!! I will be praying for your family and that sweet little baby!!

Josie said...

Dear Joyner Family,

So glad to hear that Shepherd did well through surgery. I can see that some other members of the "heart" community (Congenital Heart Defects, that is) have found you, but I also wanted to reach out to you as another "heart" Mama.

We have walked a similar road with our daughter Claire, who is now a rambunctious toddler keeping us all on our toes. I just wanted to you to know that if you need anything, please feel free to email me.

We will keep your family and Shepherd's physicians and caregivers in our thoughts and prayers!

The Kurz Family
Richmond, VA